Soirée Alumni- Launch of France Alumni Platform, 31st May, 2016

The French Ambassador HE Sophie Aubert, launched the France Alumni Platform for Bangladeshon on 31st May, 2016, by a warm reception of those who are progressing their higher studies through Campus France


France Alumni started its operation from November, 2014 as the initiative of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Development in association with Campus France. The aim was to create an efficient, digital and multilingual platform that will unite, inform and guide foreign students who completed their higher education in France.

JPEG The Campus France Bangladesh in association of Alliance Farnçaise (Dhaka & Chittagong) has also joined the network for the Bangladeshi students who took higher studies in France. The initiative for Bangladesh is supported by the Embassy of France in Bangladesh. The French Ambassador HE Sophie Aubert, launched the France Alumni Platform for Bangladesh at a warm reception party on 31st May, 2016. The ambassador invited all those Bangladeshi students who took higher studies in France to join the alumni and excel their career in French affiliation. She also wished that very soon France Alumni in Bangladesh will be considered as the most effective and beneficial platform for both francophone employees and employers.

Every year, 100,000 foreign students undertake their graduation certificate in the French education system. After the completion of their higher studies, France Alumni informs them and allows them to stay connected in the network and to exert their experience of French education in a professional context.

JPEG Precisely, the France Alumni has two major motives, first to reconnect all those individuals who went to France and would like to be in touch with France or with people they have met, second, to gather companies which are looking for francophone employees. In fact, if a student has created his account, has mentioned his field of studies and has précised that he is looking for a job, the company can directly contact him and hire him. Its interactive directory allows students to join the network and contact other alumni. The website offers discussion spaces and theme groups that will allow each member to stay close to their centers of interest.

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