Youth, France and the World Expo 2025

Join the competition to become one of the first EXPOFRANCE 2025 ambassadors!


In 2025, the whole world will be watching the World Expo host country. Today, France is more determined than ever to stage this singular event. Our strongest asset is you: young people from around the world. You are our best ambassadors, and that’s why we’re going to build this candidature together. Ready to promote France in your country? The 20’25 Youth Challenge is for you! Hurry up the challenge last few days from the 4th april to tuesday 9th may.

You, the young people of the world, will be the most impacted by the 2025 World Expo. You will be the protagonists of this event, and France wants you to be an integral part of its candidature. In fact, you have already been at the heart of the project since 2013: as many as a thousand university students have worked with us side by side. And it’s been a success! Now we want to keep the momentum going and give you a chance to promote our candidature internationally.
How will our top ambassadors be chosen? Through the 20’25 YOUTH CHALLENGE! This unprecedented competition is open to adults aged 20 to 25 from all backgrounds and, most importantly, from all over the world. You can join us in making this important candidature a success. The contest winners will be invited to Paris for five days to attend a Youth Convention in Paris and will go home as the official Ambassadors of the French candidature. What a challenge!

The 20’25 Youth Challenge will be held in three stages to select the most motivated ambassadors. You will have to give it your all right from the start! But no worries, it’s quite simple. Just show your attachment to France by posting a picture or a short video. Then share your post on social media to win as many votes as possible before May, 9th. The 400 candidates with the most votes will go on to the second phase. It’s easy, don’t you think?

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