Watever provides assistance to underprivileged populations living on the shores of oceans and rivers. The NGO offers Floating Solutions, combining efficiency, safety, durability, taking into account the environment and respect for traditional know-how.


The NGO was created following the encounter of its two founding members in 2004: Marc Van Peteghem (President) and Yves Marre (Vice-President).

  • Marc Van Peteghem is a naval architect, co-founder of VPLP, a naval architectural firm based in France. With VPLP he designed racing multihulls that became famous by winning many races, including the America’s Cup, the Barcelona World Race, Jules Verne Trophy, etc.
  • Yves Marre is a French entrepreneur, inventor and adventurer, co-founder of Friendship NGO in Bangladesh, co-founder of Contic Cruises, creator of TaraTari Shipyard and co-founder of Watever.

Together, they created Watever in 2010 to support the development of shipbuilding in Bangladesh, working on innovation and the transfer of appropriate technologies. Watever’s actions are organized around three complementary lines of action: (1) Research & Development - designing optimized floating solutions and researching eco materials from local natural resources; (2) The support to sustainable shipbuilding; and (3) Shipbuilding training.

The development of the NGO’s project is mainly done by sending volunteers to TaraTari Shipyard, Watever’s local partner in Bangladesh. TaraTari shares the values and mission of the NGO and is hosting its multiple projects.

TaraTari is an innovative structure providing the most appropriate concepts and technologies to the navigation’s problems in Bangladesh.

For this, the shipyard works on Research and Development on Floating Solutions and transfer of know-how with technical training of its workers and managers.

This shipyard follows the social entrepreneurship model: a social objective, ethical governance, and a sustainable development.

Since 2010, the collaboration between Watever NGO and TaraTari Shipyard has led to:
  • The renovation and optimisation of: “Lifebuoy Friendship Hospital”
  • The development and building of the first unsinkable fishing boats of Bangladesh
  • The production of 60 units of fishing boats for FAO
  • The production of 17 shuttle boats for UNICEF
  • The first training of 15 carpenters in boat reparation and maintenance
  • Launch of “Tara Tari” and “Gold of Bengal” prototype, jute composite boat
  • Building and preservation of the “Moon Boat” of Cox’s Bazar
  • In 2014, the launch of a new research project on bio composite made of bamboo and of the Training Center of Watever.

The development of these projects with the expertise of TaraTari Shipyard provided the NGO with a solid knowledge of the local context and needs.


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