The French Music Day at the Alliance française de Dhaka

Flowers sway softly, rivers flow gently and cuckoos coo sweetly — all these rhythmic imageries of nature makes their way to a Tagore song “Phul-e Phul-e Dhol-e Dhol-e”. The popular Bangla song that the Nobel Laureate wrote, inspired by a Scottish tune in the 19th century, deserves a Western version.

Recently, Subir Das along with his musical troupe came up with the idea of making a French version of the song at Fête de la Musique, a worldwide music festival observed every year at Alliance Française on June 21. The troupe did a performance of the song at the music festival observed at the capital’s Dhanmondi Branch of Alliance Française. This is the first time anyone has made the French version of any song written and tuned by Rabindranath Tagore (link here: )

At the initiative of Subir, a student of Alliance Française, his French language teacher Monsieur Khaja Ahmed translated the song into French so that it could be rendered by Subir and his classmates. They rendered the song before a houseful audience at Alliance Française gallery on June 13. Though every year the Fête de la Musique is observed on June 21, Dhaka observed it in advance due to the approaching Ramadan.


Dernière modification : 17/04/2019

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