The 2nd Annual Gobeshona Conference 2016 – Dhaka, IUB -08 January 2016

Speech of HE Sophie Aubert, Ambassador of France to Bangladesh


It is now one year since the first Gobeshona conference, and I am pleased to be here with you again.

Today is also a little bit more than one month after the Paris Agreement at COP21.

“What does this Agreement mean for the world ?” is the major issue that we all want to address and understand. And we must acknowledge that it is not easy.

Many different analyses have been published after COP21, criticizing the weakness of the Agreement for some of them, or underlying its positive points for others.

A- I would like to share my analysis of this Agreement.

1. In my view, one major success of the Paris Conference and even the major success is that we have an agreement. The negotiation process was stuck in a rut since COP15 in Copenhagen. It was essential to find out a way to open new perspectives for the climate negotiations. As such, Paris agreement is a success.

Of course, it is not enough and we must look into the content of the Agreement in order to understand its meaning for our planet.

2. And here is the second success of this Agreement, which is that the world has recognized the challenge that our society would face in the coming decades.

The Agreement legally acknowledges that, considering the way our world is living, we will not be able to control the climate disruptions which will occur in the future if we don’t accept to change drastically.

This is a major point because even recently, the international community as a whole hadn’t legally recognized the fact that human activity bore a huge responsibility in climate change and hadn’t globally accepted to draw the consequences of this fact.

Entire speech of HE Sophie Aubert, Ambassador of France to Bangladesh

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2nd Annual conference programme : here

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