Speech of the Ambassador of France to Bangladesh

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24th of April, 2015

Dear all,

JPEG It’s a pleasure and an honor for me to be part of the Fashion Revolution Day.
As all of us said before me, this is a day dedicated to remember the victims of Rana Plaza disaster, those who lost their lives and those who are still suffering from this horrible disaster.
Rana Plaza happened because some people considered that safety was not important, that environment was not important, that even life had no value – but profit had.
And this is not acceptable.

All these victims, mainly women, are with us today, in memory.

And we must remember that, thanks to them, the Bangladeshi people said no : they said no to exploitation of women, no to low salaries, no to inhuman working conditions.
This is a struggle which has taken place all over the world. It’s now taking place in Bangladesh.

Now what is important is to look towards the future.
And that’s why this day, Fashion Revolution Day is so important.
It is important, because it is a Bangladeshi initiative, I would say mostly a Bangladeshi women initiative, to say We are here, We Bangladeshi Women are here, and We carry out a great job, we make clothes and we are part of the national effort to become a mid-income country.

Without all these working people, where would be the 25 billion dollars revenue of textile exports ?

So workers have to be respected, because if investments create value, workers who make Bangladesh are a very important part of the value created here. They have to be respected and recognized, as workers, women, wives and mothers.
I know that globally it’s the case, but globally does not mean totally. And this has to be totally.

Fashion Revolution Day is also an extraordinary initiative, because it associates creativity, and creativity means added value.
Bangladesh needed a Centre of Excellence for textile industry, and Bangladesh needed a Fashion University. Now you made it.

Bangladesh is a country of arts and fine arts ; Bangladesh has no reason not to have its own creativity in the field of fashion and textile.
Fashion Revolution Day will push Bangladesh up. I am sure you know it. I am impressed by the dynamism Bangladeshi women prove, addressing this issue. Now, all Bangladesh has to support the initiative.

Thank you for your attention.

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