Speech by the French Ambassador to Bangladesh Mrs. Marie-Annck Bourdin

Speech by the French Ambassador to Bangladesh Mrs. Marie-Annck Bourdin

Dear Mr. Hossain Khaled, Managing Director of AG Motors,
Dear Mr Hossain Manwar, GP Managing Director,
Dear Hossain Mahmood , Director of Anwar Textile
Dear Guests and Friends from the media,

1/ I would like to thank you all for being with us tonight.
Allow me to express my sincere thanks to Mr. Hossain Khaled, Director General of AG Motors and his team : Yousuf Aman Director Operations, Hasan Bin Mostafa, Consultant marketing, for their kind invitation to inaugurate the launching of Peugeot in Bangladesh. And I wish to address special thanks to the representatives from the Press who came to cover this important event.

2/ Why is it important?

-  Peugeot is one of the oldest French company. It was founded in 1810 to manufacture coffee mills and bicycles. Their very first car was built in 1889 by Armand Peugeot, it was a rather unreliable steam tricycle. A year later, they produced their first gasoline internal combustion car, this time a dependable, reliable and four-wheeled cars.

-  The Peugeot car brand, symbolized by its “Standing Lion”, anchored its industrial base in the east of France, a city named Sochaux, has come a long way since 130 years. Peugeot is part of the Groupe PSA, which is now the second biggest automobile group in Europe, right after Volkswagen from Germany.

-  A few figures : Peugeot has sold 3,5 million vehicles in 2017, it employs 170.000 persons in more than 100 countries in the world and reached a 54Bn € turnover in 2016. Peugeot pursues a two-pronged strategy of innovation and upgrading of their designs, as well of expansion worldwide.

-  Peugeot is thus going to be the first French car brand to be introduced in the Bangladeshi market.

-  We are witnessing a lasting high growth rate of the Bangladesh economy and the increase in the purchasing power of many Bangladeshi. This seems to have brought a shift in the demand, more people wish to buy new cars than reconditioned cars; the demand in SUVs of all sizes keeps on increasing here. A reliable European high end and famous brand like Peugeot, with high fuel efficiency, will surely attract many Bangladeshi customers.

-  I wish to congratulate you, Mr Hossain Khaled, and your team, to have risen to the challenge of introducing a new brand into a competitive market, with the support of PSA. I have no doubt that you made the right move and that you will be very successful.

-  As you know, along with François Petit and Somen Dutta, running the Economic and Commercial Department of the French Embassy, I am encouraging the increase and diversification of French exports to Bangladesh, in the face of a growing bilateral trade imbalance and deficit. We spoke about it on Tuesday evening with the Honorable Minister of Commerce, HE Mr Tofail Ahmed MP, in an event organized by the France-Bangladesh Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

-  Your success will thus contribute to our own efforts. From our side, to start with and to support your action, the Economic Department of the French Embassy will be your first customer with the purchase of the elegant 3008. Allow me to stress that the 3008 model has recently been elected the European car of the Year. I am impatient to see it in Dhaka.

-  Allow me to thank you and wish you all success. Thanks to all the participants for having joined us in your beautiful showroom for the much awaited introduction and launch of Peugeot in Bangladesh.

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