Signing ceremony of the partnership between the French group “La Poste”, Galaxy Group in Bangladesh and the Indian Group DTDC

Speech of HE Sophie Aubert, Ambassador of France to Bangladesh
December 11, 2016

Honorable Minister of Civil Aviation, Dear guests,

I was quite surprised when I received a mail of Mr Walid, one month ago, telling me about the partnership he had with the French company La Poste through its international branch, DPD.

In France, La Poste is an institution, you cannot avoid it.

Mr Walid knows everything about La Poste, from the long history of this old French public company to its international development and its partnership with the Indian company DTDC.

I am very pleased to see that our French and Bangladeshi companies will be working together to develop their businesses and their leadership in such a challenging sector as mails.

You know better than I that this sector is all a matter of confidence and efficiency.

Confidence, because the clients must trust the company which will be responsible for transporting the documents or parcels which are often decisive documents for them or their businesses.

Efficiency, because we don’t want at any price these documents and parcels’ delivery to be delayed, we need to be sure that the company we have decided to trust will achieve its goals which are ours.

Galaxy Company has fully proved its efficiency through its informal partnership with DPD, and I am thankful to them for having officially finalized their relation with DPD and DTDC.

As you know, my mission in Bangladesh is to improve and increase the relations between our two countries, including of course our business relations.

At the Embassy, this is one of our highest priorities.

Having observed the dynamic of the business sector in Bangladesh, I am very confident that our bilateral relations will keep on growing on solid bases.

It takes time to build the foundations of a relationship, because it is only possible once both our countries and companies are fully convinced that this decision, or that business, is of common interest.

But now I am sure that the foundations are here.

As I was saying yesterday at the France Bangladesh Chamber of Commerce annual gala, there may be some ups and downs, but the trend is strong on the long term, because Bangladesh is becoming a middle-income country and because France has a high added value, which is our technology and our experience.

Occasions such as this one, where you see that these companies achieve to become partners without searching the support of the administration for doing business together, are an illustration and for me the evidence that the conditions are now here for our bilateral business to grow at a very high speed.

I am honored to be present here today for the launching ceremony of the partnership between Galaxy, DPD and DTDC.

I wish Galaxy, DPD and DTDC a huge success in your initiative.

I thank you for your attention./.

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