Seminar of Campus France Bangladesh in Chittagong for Higher Studies in France on 20th and 21st April

Campus France Bangladesh and Alliance Française de Chittagong arranged seminars in Chittagong to promote Higher Studies in France

The Campus France Bangladesh and Alliance Française de Chittagong arranged seminars at different university premises to promote higher studies in France among the students of Chittagong. The Alliance Française de Chittagong and universities, as Premier University, Chittagong University ,Chittagong Independent University and BGC Trust, were the collaborating partners. The seminars took place on 20th April at The Premier University, BCG Trust & at the Alliance Française de Chittagong. On 21st April they were organized at The Chittagong University & The Chittagong Independent University.

“Now, every student of Chittagong will get the chance for higher studies in France”- The statement stated by the Attaché for Cultural Affairs and Cooperation at the Embassy of France in Bangladesh, and it was the core statement of the seminars for higher studies in France.

The seminar focused on the entire process to go to France for higher studies where the Campus France Bangladesh aims to provide the best possible support to the student regarding this. Starting from choosing study program till accommodation in France, Campus France Bangladesh provides all the authentic information and a thorough guideline to the students. This session was held in Chittagong with aim to inspire the students of Chittagong to avail the opportunity of higher studies in France and fulfill their aspiration. The cultural attaché of Embassy of France in Bangladesh, was representing the Campus France Bangladesh along with the director of Alliance Française Chittagong Mr. Raphaël Jaeger. She highlighted the quality of the education in France as the country is considered at third place in terms of quality of the education. She said that, the expense is quite less at government universities while the cost of living is also manageable. She also said that, although the ultimate processing of visa is managed by the embassy in Dhaka, but the students can gather information and guideline from the Campus France desk at Alliance Française Chittagong. In support with the Cuktural Attaché’s statement, Mr. Raphaël also said that, Alliance Fraçaise de Chittagong will provide all the assistance to the Campus France desk so that students of Chittagong can the enough support for higher studies in France.

The seminar has also introduced, Mr. Apu Dhar, a teacher of Alliance Française de Chittagong, as the representative of Campus France Bangladesh, Chittagong desk. The authority and other officials of two universities and Alliance Française de Chittagong were present in the seminar. In their view, the seminar was truly beneficial for the students, now they have a complete guideline to step ahead for higher studies in France.

Dernière modification : 16/07/2016

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