SOLIDARITES INTERNATIONAL is a humanitarian organization, based in France. Since its foundation in 1980, it has been providing aid to victims of armed conflicts and natural or climate related disasters by responding to their most vital needs: food, water and shelter, from emergency situation to reconstruction.

SI’s programs respect the cultural values and dignity of the population we assist, and are carried out by 2180 national & international staffs world wide. In 2013, SI directs operations in 19 countries in the world. SI provides assistance to more than 3.7 million people a year and the urgent need is growing every year as disaster outbreak and conflicts are more frequent.

SOLIDARITES INTERNATIONAL is particularly committed to fighting waterborne diseases, the leading cause of death worldwide, and therefore has built up experience and recognized expertise in the field of access to drinking water and sanitation facilities as well as in the essential domains of food security and rehabilitation. Our team of expatriates and local staff are known for their professionalism as well as the quality of their technical and social expertise, which is tailored to each situation.

SI is also highly committed to seeking high standards of independence, effectiveness, neutrality, transparency and impact in its action. SOLIDARITES INTERNATIONAL expertise allows missions to intervene in both emergency and recovery situations. In addition, SI develops preparedness plans to mobilize resources on extremely short notice and to quickly and adequately respond to emergencies in case of disaster outbreak.

Action in Bangladesh

SOLIDARITES INTERNATIONAL has been present in the Coastal Belt of Bangladesh since 2007, actively involved in the response to SIDR and AILA cyclones. In the aftermath of cyclones, SOLIDARITES INTERNATIONAL has implemented projects in the fields of water, sanitation, food security and shelter.


On 16 May 2013, Tropical Storm Mahasen made landfall in southern Bangladesh, killing 7 people and negatively impacting nearly 500,000 others in Patuakhali, Barguna and Bhola Districts in the country’s southern belt. In the months that followed, an emergency response was implemented to address the most immediate needs of the affected communities, whilst strategies were developed for a longer-term intervention in the region.

Over 2013, nearly 110.000 beneficiaries received help in different sectors. Shelter project (newly built and rehabilitated), cash for work, agricultural grants to marginal farmers, water infrastructure construction and rehabilitation, emergency shelter and winter kits and hygiene trainings were significant achievements throughout the year.

The Bangladesh mission (5 expatriates and 70 national staffs) works on both disaster preparadness and emergency response.

In 2013, SI has implemented projects in three different areas of intervention: food security and livelihoods recovery to Tropical Storm Mahasen affected people in Barguna, enhancing disaster management capacity in Satkhira through DIPECHO VII project and responding to water and sanitation needs in Cox’s Bazar and Satkhira districts.

The strategic axes of SOLIDARITES INTERNATIONAL in Bangladesh are to:

  • Respond to Bangladesh’s recurrent humanitarian crises in geographical areas where SI is well established, and integrating a long-term resilience focus as a cross-cutting consideration to all our interventions;
  • Enhance community resilience through stand-alone programs in order to limit the impacts of recurrent crises and climate change in sectors relevant to SI’s capacities such as livelihoods and WaSH;
  • Tackle silent crises such as arsenic contamination and urban slum challenges when SI has a demonstrated capacity to have a significant impact to improve the conditions of the most vulnerable communities.

SOLIDARITES INTERNATIONAL considers that all activities and actions must be mainstreamed with cross-cutting themes. In Bangladesh, all the projects SI is implementing have a specific approach in terms of, although not limited to, gender, DRR (including climate change adaptation) and humanitarian accountability. “Obligation to Assist” drives all of SOLIDARITES INTERNATIONAL’s missions.

We fulfill our mandate in respect of cultures and individual dignity. Projects are discussed with communities and authorities of the country.



Sabine ROUHIER, Head of Mission


Tel : +88 0172 76 75 549

Christophe VAVASSEUR, Asia Desk Manager


Tel : +33 (0)1 80 21 05 23

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