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The first Paris Forum, which you are invited to attend on November11, will offer the opportunity to reflect on world governance while we commemorate the end of World War I and recognize our collective responsibility…Let us never be sleepwalkers in our world, let us always be vigilant. I would like to extend my wishes for the New Year with a plea for a determined and enduring collective action. French President Emmanuel Macron, 4January2018.

The Paris Peace Forum (PPF) is an annual event focused on governance. It is based on a simple idea: international cooperation is the key to tackling global challenges and ensuring durable peace. The Paris Peace Forum was initiated by French President Emmanuel Macron to revive collective governance, international cooperation, norms and institutions at a time when global challenges have never been so pressing. Conceived as an annual gathering of all actors of global governance, from states and international organizations to civil society, it features projects and initiatives meant at improving global governance in five key domains: peace and security, environment, development, new technologies and inclusive economy.

The objectives are to:
-  Every year in November, mobilize states and civil society in defense of collective action and mutually agreed rules of the road.
-  Address common challenges by advancing concrete projects and solutions from NGOs, companies, states, or international organizations.

The first edition of the Forum is set to be inaugurated on 11November 2018 by dozens of Heads of State and Government invited to commemorate the fragile peace that followed World War I–until the world failed to defend common rules and international cooperation.

Paris Peace Forum is a global platform for governance projects where it wants to make a difference in selecting upto 150 concrete governance projects, presenting and evaluating them during the Forum.


- Showcase your governance project that you want to publicize and push towards implementation. Send application on until 30 August, 2018.
- Request an invitation to take part in the Paris Peace Forum on from July.
- Support the Forum to contribute to better global governance and ensure its the independence and impact of the Forum.

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