Painting exhibition at the Residence of France

Bipasha and Ratnashwar
26th March 2016, Bangladesh Independence Day

Honourable Minister of cultural affairs, Mr Asaduzzaman Noor,

Excellences and Dear guests,

I feel very proud and happy to be given the opportunity to offer you this painting exhibition today, 26th of March, Bangladesh Independence day.

Both our countries have a common history through the support that my country France gave to Bangladesh Liberation War.

André Malraux, our Culture Minister in the sixties and famous writer, took a very strong and firm position in favour of Bangladesh, drawing the attention of the world on what was happening here in 1971.

He was not alone, but he contributed to raise the voice of Bangladesh worldwide.

Now this time is over and since then Bangladesh shaped its way to build a strong nation.

But as we, French people, would not be France without our Bastille Day, our Marseillaise, our Louvre, our writers and our artists, I feel sure that it is the same here for Bangladesh, with Shahabuddin, Kalidas, and Tagore, and many others, who are part of your heritage.

Both our countries are fond of arts and culture, as our culture is the expression of our identity.

Our Embassy wanted to pay homage to Bangladesh and its vibrant artistic community through this exhibition.

The two artists who collaborated with us, Bipasha and Ratnashwar, as you can see, are a woman and a man.

This is to underline that Bangladesh promotes an equal approach to gender, which is not the case everywhere.

They are two young but already famous artists, and I am sure that their artistic creation will inspire you.

Their styles are different, showing Bangladeshi diversity and richness in artistic creation.

I am honoured that Honourable Culture Minister, Mr Asaduzzaman Noor, has accepted to be our Chief guest for the launching ceremony of this exhibition.

I would like to express my sincere thanks to Mr Durjoy Rahman, our curator, because this exhibition would have never taken place without his support and advice.

I also want to thank my husband Marc for his full commitment on this event.

I would like to thank all of you for your presence and I wish you will appreciate this exhibition, which is the first one we have ever organized for a very long time in this residence.

To conclude, it is my pleasure to offer you the Bangla version of André Malraux’s book, the Hope, l’Espoir, in French, translated by a professor of the French alliance of Chittagong.

I thank you for your attention./.

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