On 27th November, at the hotel "Le Méridien",...

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On 27th November, at the hotel "Le Méridien", juste before the opening of the COP 21, the Embassy of France to Bangladesh and the France Bangladesh Chamber of Commerce and Industry organised a workshop, under the title "Sustainable Architecture and Energy Efficiency".
That day, the floor was left to the companies and professors which were able to show how their new projects are concerned about climate change and gaz emissions.

Please find below few lines of each guest.

COP21: a Challenge for Humanity

by Sophie Aubert, Ambassador of France to Bangladesh

“Global surface temperature is rising because of concentration of greenhouse gas emissions in the atmosphere, and CO2 is a major GHG component.
The challenge in Paris for COP21 will be to approve a legally binding agreement, through which our global society commits itself to shaping a new low carbon energetic model, in order to maintain the increase of temperature below 2°C by the end of the century, compared to the pre-industrial era.”

Built-environments in a Changing Climate: Local insights for sustainable design
by Dr Khandaker Shabbir Ahmed, BUET

“In a globalizing world, issues of sustainability and resilience are often looked at from a distant stand point and usually do not tend to evoke responses locally. However, addressing them locally and acting upon them with alternatives can be an important, if not the first, step towards sustainability. In such a scenario, searching for appropriate vantage points for the built environment can be more important than the solutions at hand. Mobility, flooding, temporality of work, aerodynamic cities, wellbeing and the rising seas are not so common issues for the architectural palette, and yet pose a profound impact on the built environment vis a vis architecture.”

Climate-Change Sensitive Emerging World and Bangladesh
By Golam Kibria, Bureau Veritas

“The difficulty for Bangladesh is compounded by its well-deserved ambition to ratchet up its installed generation capacity in almost an exponential flight. The power generation capacity has doubled last 5 years and it is again to be doubled in next five years. Although, the per capita power will still remain one of the lowest in the world, yet, the emission of GHG will rise manifold level. In this scenario the country can benefit from following decisions in the up-coming COP 21: strengthening recognition of environmental and energy performance through credible certification schemes, in-built in financial systems.”

Efficient and Sustainable Energy
by Zahir Ahmed, Schneider Electric

“We want everyone on our planet to have access to safe, reliable, efficient and sustainable energy.
At Schneider Electric™, we’re committed to providing innovative solutions that address this energy paradox: balancing our planet’s carbon footprint and the indisputable right of everyone to quality energy.”


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