Nusrat Jabin, studied at the Sciences Po Paris Reims campus in 2013-2014

“Staying in France was one of the stages of my life where I have shaped my desired life with the touch of confidence, courage, and inspiration”
– Nusrat Jabin, 21 years old, from Faridpur, about her experience at the Sciences Po Paris Reims campus in 2013-2014


“The sound of hammering, dedication, and sweating of a sculptor reshapes the hard stone until it gets to the desired and perfect shape. I found life like a marble stone that we are trying to shape to our desires. Staying in France was one of the stages of my life where I have shaped my desired life with the touch of confidence, courage, and inspiration while facing challenges, learning various perspectives, and gathering a huge amount of experience.

I remember the moment at the airport while I was leaving for France, I was crying with the fear of stepping outside my country for the first time, and it was the same me who was leaving for the Netherlands for a conference from France and I could feel the boiling confidence inside me, who could assure her parents that she would be fine. The courage and confidence that is what I have achieved staying in France.

My anxiety of staying in abroad gradually withered away when I stepped into my university Sciences Po Reims campus. Every single person in the university was welcoming, friendly and helpful. The diverse culture of my university with students from the west and Europe was a great opportunity to have friends from different parts of the world and learn from each other.

Although not speaking French was an obstacle outside the university, still most of the time people helped me find the right way. Later, learning French and implementing my knowledge was fun and interesting, although it is difficult to be fluent and understand French completely within one year.

My experience in France has taught me that places can be different, people can be different, cultures can be different but humanity of people all over the world is the same. People do welcome you when you are new in their place, people do help you when you are in danger, and people do behave warmly when you miss your family.
Now I am confident enough to travel or stay in any country because I know maybe it can take time, but people do get close to you and you also start feeling a part of that place.

I have one more year to finish my undergraduate in Public Health from Asian University for Women (AUW). My experience in working in a project with Les P’tits Cracks, where we, a group of students, have worked for the children with cancer to improve their confidence and strengthen their ability to communicate with others, was remarkable.
As a Public Health major student this project has made me think of several problems of Bangladesh and how we students can contribute to solve this problem. Since I was a member of Public Health Club of AUW, I am going to use my experience in France to improve the activities of our club. Moreover, I have planned to earn my master’s degree abroad, and I believe my experience in France will be helpful to materialize my wish.

In fact, I consider myself lucky enough that I was blessed with the opportunity to spend one academic year in France. Getting to roam around this wonderful city on my own, getting to lose myself in what is arguably the richest culture in Europe, therefore the whole world was ’yet another’ great reward for me. I know I will miss French bread, boulangerie, and patisserie, I know I will miss that wonderful feeling of standing in front of the Eiffel Tower or Musée du Louvre, and I know I will somehow miss that feeling about a foreign language that’ wow, I just had a conversation entirely in French !!’ is priceless !”

– Nusrat Jabin

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