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Secours Catholique – Caritas France (SCCF) is a member of the Caritas Internationalis confederation and an association which is officially recognized as being for public benefit.

Our mission

The mission of Secours Catholique- Caritas France is to promote solidarity between all people, whether in France or throughout the world. Based on the Social teaching of the Catholic Church, Secours Catholique- Caritas France considers that men, women and children living in poverty are the main stakeholders of their own development. The organization works alongside them to tackle the causes of poverty and exclusion, and to promote all aspects of human development. In order to promote social justice in local, national and international policies, it seeks out partnerships with organizations which share the same objectives.

Our network

• 165 Caritas organizations worldwide.
• 78 delegations in France and French overseas territories, made up of 3,743 local teams.
A network of 67,400 volunteers and 984 employees across the country.
• Three centers: the Cité Saint-Pierre in Lourdes, Abraham’s House in Jerusalem and Le Cedre (help center for asylum seekers) in Paris.

Some key figures

.In France, 1,477,000 people were seen and supported in 2,430 facilities.
.Internationally, 663 projects were carried out in 74 countries, in liaison with the Caritas Internationalis network. 2.5 million people benefited directly from Secours Catholique- Caritas France international aid.

Caritas Bangladesh is the main partner of the SCCF: Founded in 1967, is a national, non-profit organization, acting for development of Bangladesh. It has been recognized by the authorities of the country in January 1971. The headquarters of Caritas Bangladesh is Dhaka. It has eight diocesan offices and has nearly 6000 employees and volunteers. Caritas Bangladesh is implementing more than 80 projects in six priority areas: right to education and training; Social welfare and community development; Environment conservation and adaptation to climate change; Integrated development of indigenous peoples; Health services; and Response to Emergencies and Disaster Risk Reduction.

Presence in Bangladesh

Partnership between Secours Catholique- Caritas France and Caritas Bangladesh started in 1990 with an horticulture program targeted to ethnical minorities of Chittagong Hill Tracts area. This first project was followed by other programs such as education, rehabilitation center for drug addicts, health program in Mymensingh and a lot of Emergency response programs…
In 2007, Caritas Bangladesh developed an Integrated Community Development Program (ICDP) with Secours Catholique- Caritas France, in order to bid on a European Union project call. Later on, in January 2012, Caritas Bangladesh started a 6 year project of primary and preprimary education funded by EU.

Main projects

Secours Catholique- Caritas France currently supports Caritas Bangladesh on the following themes:
Emergencies/Preparation to natural disasters: as Bangladesh is being confronted to major disasters nearly each year, one of the main activities of Caritas Bangladesh is emergency preparedness and mitigation. Preparedness is integrated in the community development work.
A 3.5 years-long research and development program started in October 2011 in partnership with Caritas Bangladesh, the French NGO Cra’Terre, BUET (the technical end engineering university of Bangladesh) and Caritas Luxembourg. Its objective is to study the traditional building methods of local populations, in order to develop low cost houses which can be built with local materials, are adapted to the environmental risks, and are more disaster-resistant.

Agriculture and environment: the objective is to improve the food security of Chittagong Hill Tracts (CHT) ethnic minorities through sustainable agriculture (soil management improvement, productivity increase, products diversification). A specificity of this region is the frequency of land grabbing, as it is very difficult for minority people to obtain individual title of ownership. This project has been going on since 1990, but beneficiaries are different at each phase.

Education: in order to provide a quality education to children from the most disadvantaged areas, Caritas Bangladesh has developed a national education program involving the different communities and reaching more than 1,000 schools. This project called Aloghar is co-financed by EU for an amount of 12 million € on a 6 year period (2012-2017).

Integrated Community Development: the objective is to improve access to basic services (health, water, education) for the most discriminated communities of Bangladesh, and to develop their economic self-reliance. This ICDP program was built with Secours Catholique in 2007 as a bid on an EU call. The co-financing ended in 2010, and the program was split into 2 projects according to the targeted communities: the Rishi community from Khulna, a victim of the caste system which goes on despite a constitutional ban, and the Rakhaine community from Barisal, of Burmese origin, which is victim of cultural colonization and of land grabbing by Bengali majority. A third ICDP program began in 2008 in Gazipur area, aiming at bringing support to most vulnerable people.


Fanny Delgutte, project officer

Delphine Cournet, co-financing project officer

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