Launching of “Ready Chef” brand Speech of HE...

Launching of “Ready Chef” brand
Speech of HE Sophie Aubert, Ambassador of France to Bangladesh
(25 February, 2016 – 11.30 pm – Agora)


Dear guests,

I am very pleased to be part of the launching ceremony of the new Ready Chef brand, under the leadership of Mr Manzur Islam, and I thank Mr Niaz Rahim Chairman of Rahimafrooz Group to host us today.

Food industry is a very important industrial sector in France and in Bangladesh.

In France, it lays on a very high level of exigency, all the more as it is directly linked to public health.

In France, nutrition is one of the major points addressed by our public health policy.

Within this framework, French food industry is based on internationally recognized companies which dedicate huge and continuous investments in Research & Development.

R&D is the key to develop new technologies and make them available to the customers.

In France, groups like Hubbard, for poultry industry, are leading companies in their respective fields of competence and specialization.

Hubbard was created in 1921. Since 1921, it has been a worldwide reference for broiler breeding stock. The company supplies day-old grandparent and parent stock chicks all over the world in order to produce chicken meat.


Hubbard is the chicken broiler genetics division of French Grimaud Group, the second largest multi-species genetics company in the world.

Their commitment is to offer the widest range of products covering all their clients’ needs, ranging from fast growing and cost efficient broilers to high value specialty chickens.

It is a real satisfaction for me to see that French and Bangladeshi Hubbard and Jahurul Islam Company have developed a long term business relation and partnership, in the common interest of both parties.

Mr Islam has a vision for his country and the poultry industry in Bangladesh. His company has been benefiting for now more than 10 years from Hubbard genetic programs, designed and dedicated to meet the challenge of providing efficient, healthy and tasty chicken meat for Bangladesh’s growing population.

I am sure that Ready Chef opens a new era for the food industry in Bangladesh and I wish all the best for this new initiative which I am fully supportive of.

I hope that such partnerships between French and Bangladeshi companies will be more and more, as I am convinced that the private sector has always played a key role in the development of both our countries.

It is essential to leave the “donor to recipient” relation aside, and to go forward for a business relationship, based on a confident, healthy and fruitful cooperation between the two parties.

It is the condition for both our companies to create added value, to invest in new initiatives and therefore to prepare a successful future, as the Ready Chef initiative is showing the path.

I thank you for your attention./.

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