LabCitoyen, in Paris

This Program on human rights launched by the French Institute, the 3rd edition of " LabCitoyen " brings together from 5 to 15 July 2015 in Paris, 81 young Francophones, between 18 to 25 years old. LabCitoyen deals with human rights, environmental challenges, and the organization in Paris of the COP21 .

Designed by the French Institute, and implemented by the House of World Cultures (La Maison des Cultures du Monde), LabCitoyen offers of participants, selected for their social commitment, a time of encounters and exchanges in French. The objective is to promote dialogue between cultures and promote the issue of human rights.

In order to consider the consequences of climate change and the threats it poses to the respect of human rights, the 3rd edition of LabCitoyen theme "Human rights face the challenges of the environment."

Through a series of lectures, debates, round tables and practical workshops, participants are led to wonder about the place that can take care of environmental issues in the very notion of human rights. Researchers, lawyers and members of civil society (Nicolas Hulot Foundation, Oxfam, Survival) have joined the program to enable them to become agents of environmental renewal.

From 53 countries, so also from Bangladesh, these winners of Labcitoyen program were selected by the diplomatic network through calls for applications and interviews. They are engaged in their country for the defense and respect for human rights.

With SafirLab, CultureLab bilingual Generation LabCitoyen is part of the attractiveness programs the French Institute develops in favor of youth. Over 600 young people have participated in these programs since their inception.

The French Institute, through the support of talents and personal project monitoring of generations, is dated with those who tomorrow will play a leading role in the social and cultural life of their countries and for the long term relationships that France maintains with his young interlocutors abroad.This year LabCitoyen bilingual programs Generation (of 21 to 30 July 2015) are within the range of action (forums, conferences, meetings, exhibitions, documentaries, art projects) that deploys the French Institute in view of the COP21.

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