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The average monthly student budget is €1,000 in Paris and €800 elsewhere in the country.

Accomodation is the main part of a student budget.
Housing in France

Before looking for a place to live in France, students must decide, in light of their financial means and the length of their program, what sort of arrangement is best for them.
Housing is relatively expensive in France, but international students, like French students, enjoy the benefit of housing assistance.

University residence halls

Located on campus or in town, university residences are run by CROUS, France’s regional student service centers (Centres régionaux des œuvres universitaires et scolaires). The residences feature furnished rooms of 10–12 square meters, generally well-equipped. The monthly rent is between €140 and €400. Space in university residence halls remains in very short supply, however, especially in Paris, where priority is given to the recipients of French government scholarships and students participating in exchange programs.
In contrast to the situation at France’s universities, most grandes écoles and private institutions have a good supply of on-campus housing. Rents range from €250 to €350 per month.

Privately operated student housing

Private buildings designed for rental to students are found in most large cities. Most have been built in recent years to compensate for the shortage of university housing. Rents range from €600 to €700 per month in Paris and from €400 to €700 elsewhere.
Consult the Web portal of the association for the development of student housing:

Private-sector rentals

Renters are generally required to make a deposit to guarantee the payment of rent. Costs are high, especially in large cities—and above all in Paris. In general, renters must show proof that their monthly income is at least three times the rental amount. Shared rentals are increasingly common.
Under certain circumstances (for example, for recipients of French government scholarships, or for salaried professionals), the French government may pay the security deposit or guarantee payment of rent.

Rooms in private houses

More suitable for short stays, renting a furnished room in a private home may cost €200 a week in Paris with breakfast included, or €300 with breakfast and dinner. Costs are lower outside Paris.

Indicative prices for various items are shown below. Prices for many items are lower outside Paris.

Meals and food items

• a meal at a university restaurant: €2.85
•at a fast-food restaurant: €7
•at a neighborhood café or restaurant: €10–20
•a sandwich: €3–5
• coffee: €1–2
• bread: €0.80 • croissant: €1 • cheese: €2
• 6 eggs: €1.50 • 1 liter of milk: €1.20 • 1 kg of potatoes: €1.20 • 1 kg of rice: €1.90
Recreation and amusements
• movie ticket (student rate): €6.80 • museum admission: €5–10
• theater ticket: €10–30 • newspaper: €1.20
• night in a mid-range hotel: €60
• admission to public swimming pool: €2.50
• DVD player: €50–150
• MP3 player: €30–150


• monthly pass, Paris transport: €55–122
• round-trip ticket between Paris and Nice by high-speed train: €135 • 1 liter of gasoline: €1.20

Note: Indicative prices for various items are shown above. Prices for many items are lower outside Paris.

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