Goût de / Good France 2019


5,000 socially responsible chefs across five continents cooking for the planet!
On 21 March 2019, chefs from around the world will work to create a French-style dinner, based around socially responsible cuisine.

It will be a demonstration of cuisine which is firmly rooted in its time and is sensitive to the needs of today: respecting our planet and healthy eating. Visitors from France and abroad will be able to sample tasty food which showcases not only local farmers and producers but also socially responsible cuisine focusing on environmental protection.

So all over the world on 21 March 2019, and all over France until 24 March, you will find initiatives and experiences to be shared and enjoyed.

Goût de / Good France supports the “No More Plastic” initiative, which is working to protect our oceans and reduce the use of plastic.

Dernière modification : 23/01/2019

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