Gold of Bengal

Gold of Bengal is conducting research in Bangladesh on a jute textile reinforcement for composite application with high potential ecological, economic and social impacts. It might be able to replace the classical glassfiber composites while revitalizing the jute industry currently in decline.

A Social and Ecological Ideal


GOB believes in the synergies between the technical knowledge and the local resources and know-how of the worldwide countries to innovate towards sustainable development.
In Bangladesh, that includes revitalizing the jute industry while developing an ecoinnovation.

A Technical Innovation


This new material is an agro-composite reinforced with natural jute fibres (unlike classical composites based on mineral fibres of glass or carbon). Thanks to its properties that have been optimized, this material has a wide range of applications (ship building, furniture, construction, automotive, leisure & sports...).

A complete project

In order to prove the interest of this material for Bangladesh, Gold of Bengal carries 4 main activities out :

- R&D : optimization of the mechanic and ecologic characteristics of the jute composite, analysis and measurement of the economic and social impacts of the project…in our plant close to Faridpur and within our Partners European Laboratories
- Technology transfer : Production with our local partner of our 1rst innovative composite fabric and accompaniment of industrials who want to adopt this product.
- Prototyping : Learning of the material and test in real conditions (surf, boat, furniture…), production of mini-serie of composite products.
- Communication : Share our technical results and show to the local and international public the potential of jute-composite applications.

A Dynamic Network

The team works as a network dispersed around the world. A nucleus of 8 young minds with varied profiles (engineers, researchers, business school graduates) are working in Bangladesh and France, counting on the expertise of other professionals who help on a regular basis (designers, naval architects, entrepreneurs). Our goal is to make this network wider as much as we can, and are always glad to welcome new member on board, so don’t hesitate to contact us for any suggestion of partnership or help !

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