French Ambassador hands over TK 3 millions to the NGO “Friendship”

March 8th, 2013 - Ambassador of France Mr. Michel Trinquier on Thursday evening handed over a cheque of Tk. 3 millions to “Friendship” at his Gulshan residence to support this NGO for its contribution in providing essential basic healthcare services to the most inaccessible and hard to reach areas.

Founder with her husband, Yves Marre, and Executive Director of “Friendship”, Ms. Runa Khan received the cheque on behalf of the management of the organisation.

This donation from the upper house of the French Parliament will help “Friendship” to build 2 of the 5 static clinics that the organization plans to set up in the coastal areas to provide care services to the people of 5 islands Moheshkhali, Hatia, Swandip, Mongla and Kutubdia. These clinics will support the activities of “Rongdhonu” the third floating hospital ship of the organization which was recently donated by Greenpeace International.

Friendship started its journey in 1994, when Yves Marre, a French sailor, sailed a retired oil barge from France to Bangladesh to have it converted into a floating hospital to provide healthcare services to those who had limited or no access to healthcare.


Dernière modification : 10/03/2013

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