Overview - French Agency for Development

Overview - French Agency for Development

PNG The Agence Française de Développement (AFD) was created in December 1941. AFD is a French public development finance institution and a bilateral Agency established in more than 70 countries (12 in Asia), working to fight poverty and support economic, green and inclusive growth in developing and emerging countries. AFD implements the French government’s aid policies since seventy years.

In 2012, AFD has started its operations in Bangladesh and has signed in January 2013 with the Government of the People’s Republic of Bangladesh a first loan of USD 45 million. It is a long-term Credit Facility Agreement to support the implementation of the Greater Dhaka Sustainable Urban Transport Project – Dhaka Bus Rapid Transit System - in partnership with Asian Development Bank (ADB).

A Bangladesh Office opened in May 2013 in the premises of the Economic Department of the French Embassy. Under the supervision of the New Delhi Office, this new scheme will improve projects identification and implementation and proximity with the local authorities and Donors Partners.

In the future, AFD will be reinforcing its financing towards the development of the urban infrastructures, such as providing drinking water, supplying clean and sustainable energy and also working along the climate change adaptation strategy of the Government.

Asia will determine the Earth’s future ; its population and economic growth will affect natural resource balances planet-wide and have huge effects on the global climate.

Therefore, AFD mainly operates in the following sub-sectors : Energy efficiency in cities, transportation, housing, public lighting and waste management ; Renewable energy, especially micro-hydroelectricity, wind power, geothermal power and biogas ; Adaptation measures (e.g. irrigation and drainage infrastructure, crop protection, etc.) to protect populations and fortify sites against natural disasters and climate change impacts, particularly flooding and sea level rise ; Natural resources conservation, emphasizing sustainable forest products, since forests are crucial worldwide for carbon dioxide sequestration and terrestrial biodiversity.

AFD also promotes sound water management to ensure food security and preserve aquatic biodiversity.

In 2012, AFD’s commitments in Asia have doubled and accounted to Euros 1,01 billion, out of a worldwide total of Euros 6.98 billion.

Financing the private sector

AFD has a subsidiary dedicated to the financing of the private sector, PROPARCO. PROPARCO’s mission is to boost private investment in emerging and developing countries in favour of growth, sustainable development and reaching the Millennium Development Goals. PROPARCO invests in a geographical area ranging from major emerging countries to the poorest countries, and has high-level requirements in terms of Social and Environmental Responsibility.

PROPARCO finances operations which are economically viable, socially equitable, environmentally sustainable and financially profitable. To match investors’ specific needs, PROPARCO offers a wide range of financial instruments (loans, equity and guarantees). Tenors range from 5 to 20 years.

PROPARCO has systematic impact measurement tools which are used to pre-select project financing and then throughout the project life.

In Bangladesh, PROPARCO will focus on the financing of the following sectors : Climate change mitigation and local environment (renewable energies, energy efficiency, water management, waste management gas supply) ; Healthcare & Education ; Agribusiness industry ; Microfinance and access to finance ; Sustainable tourism.

For more information on activities of AFD or PROPARCO in Bangladesh, please contact-

Jean-Benoît du Chalard
Country Representative for Bangladesh
AFD - French Development Agency
Road # 8, Baridhara
Dhaka 1212, Bangladesh
Tel: +880 (2) 882 27 51
E-mail: duchalardjb@afd.fr

See at- http://www.afd.fr/home/pays/asie/geo-asie/afd-bangladesh/activite-bangladesh

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