French ⨁ Sciences Program - A Research - Based Approach

French+ Sciences Program is from Campus France and its Network of French Language Centers, Short Scientific and Language Programs in Cutting-Edge Sectors. French+ Sciences. It is a research-based educational practice that encourages participants to experiment, share, discover, debate and support a reflection about Sciences and Technology. It is an unique opportunity to build up a strong network in the scientific fields.

🔯 Programs designed for University students in Scientific and Technical Fields, English Speakers (B2 level Required), Complete Beginners in French
🔯Fees : From €1655 to € 2400 (Students residence/ depending on program length)
🔯This is a 3- to 4-week program
🔯 Brings together innovators, entrepreneurs, start-up, scientists, educators, and researchers ;
🔯 Gives an overview of French technological know-how in cutting edge sectors such as Sustainable Development, Green energy,Sea Sciences and Technologies, Micro technology, Biomedical engineering

🔺 Partners and Dates of the session

At present, the following partners are offering the program with the mentioned courses -

🔯Besançon, CLA (6 to 8 ECTS credits) : Microtechnology Biomedical Engineering
- 1 annual session: from January 27 to February 14 or 21 (registration open until 14/12/2019)

🔯Brest, CIEL Bretagne : Sea Sciences and Technologies
- 1st session: from January 6th to January 24th, 2020 (registrations open until December 13th, 2019)
- 2nd session: from June 29 to July 17, 2020 (registrations open until June 12, 2020)

🔯Montpellier, Accent Français : Focus on Sustainable Development
- 1st session: from January 13 to January 31, 2020 (registrations open until December 06, 2019)
- 2nd session: from 1st to 19th June 2020 (registrations open until 05/05/2020)
- 3rd session: from 05 to 23 October 2020 (registrations open until 11/09/2020)

🔯Normandy - Rouen: "Transport and Energy"
- 1 annual session: from 9 to 27 March 2020 (registrations open until 25 January 2020)

🔯Grenoble, CUEF (7 ECTS credits) : Sciences and Nanotechnologies

🔺 Students will get chance for

✅ Visits to companies and laboratories
✅ Presentations on engineering programs
✅ Thematic debates

🔺 Simplified registration procedures for international students

The registrations are done online, directly on the website of the partner FLE centers, who have the possibility of answering questions directly from the students. Session dates are based on the summer holidays in both hemispheres, so that, regardless of the geographical area of ​​origin of students interested in "French ⨁ Sciences", they can find a session corresponding to the period of their holidays.

🔺 A new tailor-made insurance

This program offers a specific short-term insurance scheme, which will cover health, repatriation and civil liability costs; where applicable. A certificate is available upon payment.

Online subscription by students through the following two links (in French and English):



🔺 A complete academic and logistical package:
✅ Airport pickup*, transportation to and from the language center
✅ Housing (three options), tutoring and monitoring of progress
✅ Medical insurance link provided by Campus France
✅ Assessment and final report.

You can check the link below at Campus France website

☎ Contact
Jean-François DUTREY
Responsable développement – Service ingénierie éducative
Tél : 01 40 40 81 64

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