France Alumni Reception 2018

Address by the Ambassador, H.E. Mrs. Marie-Annick BOURDIN

Dear Alumni, Dear Students, Dear French learners, Dear Friends,
I am very happy to have you all at the residence of France in Dhaka because you are an important element of the relationship between Bangladesh and France. Some of you have studied or trained in France, some are learning French, some represent in Bangladesh French companies or companies from French speaking countries. All of you are a link between France and Bangladesh. It’s through you that our two countries interact, that our two people grow closer.
Studying abroad is a very important experience; I dare say a life changing one, on the personal level as well as professionally. How often does the student find a partner in the other country? How many new unexpected opportunities does that experience bring to the student, both in France and in Bangladesh?
Those of you who chose to study in France did so because of the high quality of the French education system, because French diplomas are valued around the world, because there are many internationally recognized high education and research centers at your disposal. 20% of the government spending in France is on education. That is around 10.000 euros per student. France is one of the top world economic powers, with internationally known companies like Renault, Michelin, Total, Sanofi, Kiabi, Decathlon and many, many others, small and medium size. Some of them are represented here tonight.
You may have also chosen France for the quality of life offered by our country. We have an efficient public transport system, a modern and affordable health system. France also has a great artistic and cultural heritage, and a very dynamic cultural life: theater, fashion, gastronomy, cinema… Last but not least French is the official language of 200 million people on the five continents, spoken in 47 countries.
This yearly gathering is meant to keep contact with those who went to France , those who learn French, and to create new opportunities for you to interact with your fellow alumni as with the companies represented here tonight.
Encore merci pour votre présence ici ce soir et très bonne soirée à vous tous. I wish you all a very pleasant evening.

Dernière modification : 09/12/2018

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