France Alumni Bangladesh Reception - 13th December 2017

On 13th December, 2017, France Alumni organized a reception for the network gathering among the members to celebrate it’s second year of operation.


The event was commenced by the speech of Her Excellency, Ambassador of France to Bangladesh, Ms. Marie- Annick Bourdin. For its second year anniversary, the ambassador expressed her pleasure to announce that we have been able to connect more than 100 alumni members in our Bangladesh network. This number will keep growing steadily has every year more and more Bangladeshi are interested in pursuing their higher studies in France, joining our scientific cooperation program or pursuing a professional training.
In Bangladesh, the network was proudly introduced for the first time in 2016 and we are now gathered to celebrate its second year of existence. As the global France Alumni platform aims to gather foreign students and professionals in the same network, the France Alumni Bangladesh shares the same vision to connect the Bangladeshi students and professionals who studied in France.
The ambassador also said, From Bachelor to Masters to PhDs, France offers top education in every field and is becoming more and more attractive to students all around the world. Our two partners Alliance Française Dhaka and Alliance Française Chittagong are major support hubs towards this goal. Both of the two AF directors and our cultural section at the embassy are putting their best effort to circulate the proper information to the aspiring students, guiding them to select universities, application process, preparing their travels and so on. They are committed to keep increasing the number of Bangladeshi students in France and invite them to join alumni Bangladesh.

After the speech of the ambassador, some alumni members shared profound experience of studying in France, their views about French higher education, life in France, and the alumni platform. Professor coordinator of Alliance Française de Dhaka, Doctorate in Sismologie and a general student from Asian university for Women, all these three respected speakers spent a portion of their education life in France. Therefore, they told stories and their views to the other members and guests.
A soothing musical performance by the Deputy Head of Mission, Mr. Jean Pierre Poncet made the ambiance lively for the guest. At the end the guests and members had networked with each other at refreshment court.

The event was organized at the Franco German Embassy premises, and was graced by the presence of esteemed persons including few ambassadors, head of different French companies, professors from different universities.

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