Erasmus Mundus Europhilosophie


The Erasmus Mundus EuroPhilosophy program offers the opportunity for international students to benefit from a scholarship of 41,800€ or 43,800€ to participate in this German-French master of excellence in philosophy. In 2015, additional scholarships are available for students from a number of countries, including Bangladesh.

Application conditions

Students from the European Union and non-European Union students applying to the EuroPhilosophie program will have to:

  • Have a qualification of a level equivalent to at least three years of study after the completion of secondary schooling (judged equivalent to 180 ECTS) or a diploma equivalent to a “licence” (Bachelor) of the LMD system.
  • Have followed a university course in philosophy or the history of philosophy
  • Have a spoken and written command of German and / or French and commit to take an intensive language course offered by the Master EuroPhilosophie in one of the two languages in case they only have spoken and written command of either German or French
  • Commit to take the two years of the European course.

Application procedure

The application file should be downloaded, filled and sent before January 26th, 2015.

For more information and to apply, visit the Campus France website and the EuroPhilosophy program website.

Dernière modification : 07/01/2015

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