Eiffel Excellence Scholarships Programme

A prestige programme based on rigorous selection

Eiffel Excellence is a prestigious French government program offering scholarships in the fields of sciences, economics, management, law, and political science, both at Master level (up to 36 months) and PhD level (up to 10 months).

The Eiffel Excellence Scholarship Program was established by the French Ministry for Europe and Foreign Affairs to enable French higher education institutions to attract top foreign students to enroll in their masters and PhD programs.

It gives opportunity to the future foreign decision-makers of the private and public sectors, in priority areas of study, and encourages applicants up to 30 years old from developing countries at master’s level, and applicants up to 35 years old from developing and industrialized countries at PhD level.


Student applications are presented by the educational institutions concerned

The Eiffel Programme is intended to support student recruitment internationally by educational institutions amid growing competition among developed countries to attract emerging countries’ most promising talents wishing to continue their higher education abroad. Carefully preselected applicants among foreign students about to enrol or possibly attending a French university are thus presented directly by the grandes écoles (competitive higher education institutions) and universities.

The Programme relies on several selection criteria

Applicants are selected by three boards made up of specialists in each of the Programme’s fields of study (law/political science, economics/business administration, engineering sciences).

The applications presented by the institutions concerned are assessed according to three criteria:

- First, the student’s "excellence" is assessed on the basis of his previous university record, this being an essential criterion.
- The policy outreach of educational institutions and universities is also assessed: this criterion is intended to support those educational institutions which are genuinely dynamic in terms of international development.
- Finally, the geographical priorities of French cooperation policy, notably that relating to "emerging countries", are also taken into account.

A perfect command of the French language was not chosen as a selection criterion, in order to increase international student recruitment based on academic excellence.

Selected applicants can learn French rapidly as it is possible for them to attend French language courses before beginning at the educational institution of their choice or during their first year there.

The Eiffel Programme’s substantial scholarship money

Eiffel scholars receive a monthly allowance of 1,181 euros at Master level and 1,400 euros at PhD level in addition to which other expenses (travel, insurance...) are borne directly under the Programme. This substantial amount enables our higher education institutions to compete with foreign educational institutions, and Eiffel Programme students to study in France under proper conditions.

Practical information on applications and selection

Presentation of applications

• The applications to be completed are available in the fall on the Campus France website. Applications should reach Campus France at the start of the calendar year, by the date indicated on the website.

• Applicants are preselected and presented by the French higher education institutions to which students are admitted to continue their studies.

• Applications submitted directly by students, diplomatic posts or foreign institutions shall be rejected.

• French diplomatic posts can help French educational institutions to look for students studying abroad who seem eligible under the Eiffel Programme.

Ineligible applicants

• The Programme is only intended for foreign students no older than 30 years old for Master level, and no older than 35 years old for PhD level, during the selection year. It does not concern students who are planning to join the teaching profession or to become researchers.

• Students who are already French government scholars (BGF) cannot apply for an Eiffel scholarship.

• Applications can only be presented by a single French higher education institution.

• Applications from candidates who were assessed and rejected during a previous session cannot be resubmitted.

Student selection and communication of results

• The selection board holds an annual session as early as possible in the year in order to give students abroad who receive other proposals from competing countries their results soon enough for them to choose France. This timetable is also designed to enable non-French-speaking applicants to attend language training prior to the start of the academic year.

• The list of successful applicants is posted on the Campus France website.

Organizational arrangements

• Management of the Eiffel Programme has been entrusted to Campus France. More information can be found on their website.

• An Eiffel scholarship is awarded for the period of time required to get the degree for which the scholarship was applied subject to the student’s meeting the academic requirements for each year of the course, the duration of which may include, in addition, a French language precourse.

• The same selection conditions will apply to scholarship applications submitted by students taking a further degree at the end of their course.

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