ENA International Cycles

For over sixty years, ENA has included students from all continents of the world, recruited with the assistance of French embassies. Over 3,300 students from abroad have received training at the school. The school offers a variety of programs for foreign students – including young people still pursuing their studies and both young and more experienced members of their country’s civil service. One of the founding principles of these international cycles is to stimulate the sharing of points of view and experience, by alternating classroom work and on-the-job experience (stages).

ENA offers :
  • Long term trainings (8 and 16 months), generalist or specialist, in Strasbourg : the long international course (CIL), and the international advanced training course (CIP).

The long international course (CIL) may be supplemented by a program for a Master’s degree in general public administration or a Master’s degree in public institution communication or a Master’s degree in Public policies in Europe.

The international advanced training course (CIP) may be supplemented by a program for a Master’s degree in two special areas: "Administrations and international affairs" or "Administrations and public management".

The following programs are also open to foreign students :

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