Dhaka Art Summit 2016

Architecture in Bangladesh

(1947-2017) – The legacy of Muzharul Islam
Curated by Aurélien Lemonier, the Architect & Curator, of the Centre Pompidou Paris, presents the challenges contemporary architecture faces in Bangladesh

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Aurélien Lemonier

Is an architect and a curator in the department of Architecture of the Centre Pompidou in Paris. In the past ten years that he has been affiliated with the Centre Pompidou, he has curated extensive exhibitions on Robert-Mallet-Stevens, Dutch Avante-Garde Architecture, the History of the Modern Museum in France, Jean Prouvé, Bernard Tschumi, and most recently a Frank Gehry retrospective. Lemonier has been researching post-Independence South Asian architecture for the past three years and expanded the collection of architectural drawings at the Centre Pompidou to include the Middle-East and South Asian holdings.

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