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2 years fully funded scholarship to pass the “Montpellier Business School Master in Management Grande Ecole”.


The Montpellier Business School Foundation Executive Committee decided to create an International Excellence Scholarship Grant as part of the MBS international openness strategy; the objective is to allow foreign students (including 1 Bangladeshi student this year), holders of a Bachelor degree, to spend two years at Montpellier Business School, in order to pass the “Montpellier Business School Master Master in Management Grande Ecole”.

Applicants will be selected based on three criteria:
-  Economic situation of applicant and family
-  Academic results of applicant during three previous academic years, and university assessment
-  Personal and professional project of applicant.

Successful applicants will be awarded a fully funded scholarship for a period of two years, corresponding to the second and final year of the Master Grande Ecole Montpellier Business School. MBS foundation will assume travel and living expenses of the student, in total 9,000 Euros per annum, or 18,000 Euros for two years.


1/ Applicants must have validated a State-recognized, foreign qualification, equivalent to a Degree or Bachelor (Baccalaureate +3 years).

2/ The University of origin must certify the academic level, implication, project and capacity of applicant to follow courses at Master level in French (and in English)

3/ Applicants must have passed the competitive exam to be admitted to the Business School Master in Management Grande Ecole: Online registration by the 2nd of March, 2018, at the latest, on:


-  Scholarship students will be academically assessed in the same way as other Montpellier Business School students, in accordance with MBS Educational Regulations.
-  Scholarship students will receive the support of an MBS tutor; the student must meet the tutor once a month to discuss academic progress and financial conditions.
-  A scholarship may be terminated at any time in case of unjustified absenteeism at lessons or exams by scholarship students, or in case of disciplinary action or weak academic results.
-  In all cases, the scholarship student’s return trip will be covered by MBS.

How do I apply ?

Step 1 : Academic section

Register online for Montpellier Business School international admissions by the 2nd of March, 2018, at the latest, at:

**Select “Master in Management - International Admissions” for information in English.

Important: Students from Bangladesh can apply free of charge. Please contact Sophie Gosselin at to waiver registration fees.

Step 2: Validation of social section

Provide a letter with details on social situation (family status, financial situation) with documentary proof (family record book, proof of income, tax declaration, certificates, etc.). The social section of the application must be sent to Montpellier Business School by email or post before the 2nd of March 2018, at the latest, at the following address:

Fax: 0033 4 67 10 26 89

Montpellier Business School Foundation for Equal Opportunities,
Care of: Sophie Gosselin,
2300, avenue des Moulins,
34185 Montpellier Cedex 4,

For more information about Montpellier Business School visit their website:

You can also visit the Facebook pages

~ Choose France as your Higher Education destination ~ 2 years fully funded scholarship to pass the “Montpellier...

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