The Grand Paris Express is the largest urban project of Europe: 200 km of automatic and underground metro lines around the capital, connected with the existing metro, RER and Île-de-France networks, as well as 68 new train stations built on the horizon of 2030. The Société duGrand Paris’ mission is to conceive and implement this new metro network.

The implementation of the Grand Paris Express metro network will transform the urban landscape of Île-de-France. In the continuity of Haussmann’s work and the construction of the Metropolitan more than a century ago, a new urban revolution of the Parisian metropolis is being laid out by the Grand Paris Express, where the train stations of the new network will form the new entry points of the Grand Paris.

The aim of the consultation is to select 32 artists for the creation of illustrations on the platforms of 30 Grand Paris Express train stations, that will be put into service on the horizons of 2024 to 2026.

The object of this commission is the creation of illustrations that will unfold on the platforms of the Grand Paris Express. Each selected artist will be attributed with the elaboration of the illustrations of one train station. This commission looks to illustrate and interpret the territories served by the train stations of the Grand Paris Express, in a sensitive, metaphorical and even abstract manner. The artistic creations proposed as part of this consultation will be specifically thought and created for this commission.

The consultation is directed at artists and professional authors from all of the fields of comics, illustration, animation cinema and graphic design. The diversity of artists will guarantee the quality and the originality of this commission. The commission unfolds itself based on the principle of one artist per train station. In the interconnection train stations where several lines of the new network cross, several artists can be selected to identify each of these lines. This commission is based on a total surface of almost 50m² per train station, spread out on several modules of the train station platform.

The Grand Paris Express illustrations will enrich the train stations’ signage and urban furniture imagined by designers Ruedi Baur and Patrick Jouin, bringing a sensitive, artistic and urban dimension in the train stations’ spaces. In their implementation, these illustrations must immediately be identified as objects stemming from artistic production and shouldn’t create confusion with functional information.

The artists are invited to “illustrate” the territory to establish a link between the underground world and the city on the surface. These illustrations will be particularly visible from the inside of the trains and upon the descent of the trains. In this way, they will constitute “large windows onto the city”.

An illustration module is visible at the Fabrique du Métro at Saint Ouen. Visits possible by appointment or during an open day.
Information available here:


The consultation is based on the selection of 32 artists for the creation of illustrations in the train stations that will be put into service between 2024 and 2026, that is to say 30 train stations. The train stations concerned by the first selection session in 2021 are the following:
Line 15 :
+ n°1: Pont-de-Sèvres
+ n°2: Issy RER
+ n°3: Fort d’Issy-Vanves-Clamart
+ n°4: Châtillon-Montrouge
+ n°5: Bagneux M4
+ n°6: Arcueil-Cachan
+ n°7: Villejuif Institut Gustave-Roussy
(ligne 14)
+ n°8: Villejuif Institut Gustave-Roussy
+ n°9: Villejuif Louis-Aragon
+ n°10: Vitry-Centre
+ n°11: Les Ardoines
+ n°12: Le Vert de Maison
+ n°13: Créteil l’Echat
+ n°14: Saint-Maur Créteil
+ n°15: Champigny Centre
+ n°16: Bry-Villiers-Champigny
+ n°17: Noisy-Champs

Line 16 :
+ n°18: Clichy-Montfermeil
+ n°19: Sevran-Beaudottes
+ n°20: Sevran-Livry
+ n°21: Aulnay
+ n°22: Le Blanc-Mesnil
+ n°23: Le Bourget RER (ligne 16/17)*
+ n°24: La Courneuve Six-Routes
+ n°25: Saint-Denis Pleyel (ligne 14)
+ n°26 : Saint-Denis Pleyel

Line 17 :
+ n°27: Le Bourget Aéroport

Line 18 :
+ n°28: Aéroport d’Orly (ligne 14)
+ n°29: Massy-Palaiseau
+ n°30: Palaiseau
+ n°31: CEA Saint-Aubin
+ n°32: Orsay-Gif
* Le Bourget RER station is part of a different project. The selected artist will be chosen through a competition between 8 European art schools.

The applicants must present a single application, no matter the amount of units they are applying for. The applicants are strongly encouraged to respond to the entire set of units.
The application should include:
+ A Curriculum Vitae presenting career and experiences (diplomas, courses, exhibitions, residencies, publications, grants, awards, etc.). 2 pages maximum.
+ An artistic file in the shape of a portfolio of 5 to 10 reference images, accompanied by a short description of the presented images (15 pages maximum). For multimedia documents, indicate the links in this artistic file.
+ A statement of intent of one page maximum explaining:
– the interest of the candidate in this consultation and the project of illustrations of the territories of the Grand Paris Express;
– the vision and intention of the candidate to illustrate a territory of the Grand Paris on the scale of the formats planned on the train stations’ platforms;
– potentially, the specific connection with or interest of the candidate in one or
several of the territories or cities served by the metro of the Grand Paris Express.
+ An application form based on the model supplied on the Société du Grand Paris’ website and on the platform
Applications must be submitted before september 15th 2021 at 12 pm (Paris time).
The candidates must submit their application exclusively viathe platform

+ Phase 1 : Each candidate applies on the website
Applications must be submitted before September 15th 2021 at 12pm (Paris time).
+ Phase 2 : The Société du Grand Paris, accompanied by a jury of experts, will select 32 artists and commission them to create an illustration of a train station.
+ Phase 3 : the selected candidates will conceive a draft and do a one-week on-site residency* on the territory of the train station that the artist will illustrate. The draft will result in a creative draft of the whole set of illustrations for the platform, and in a full-scale illustration. Redoing the draft is included in this phase.
On handing in the draft, the candidate is paid by the Société du Grand Paris an amount of 5,000€ excluding tax.
* The on-site residency takes on the form of a five-day immersion, organised by the Société du Grand Paris, in collaboration with the relevant city or cities, so that the artist may become acquainted with the territory he/she will illustrate. The artists will sign a welcome protocol with the relevant city.
A technical bill of specifications will also be given to the candidates containing a presentation of the train station and the dimensions and specific formats of the surfaces with modules to be illustrated.
+ Phase 4 : development of the project and production of the final digital file. The artist continues the development of his/her artwork and gives the SGP the digital file of this artwork created for the entire set of compositions of the platform.
On handing in the final digital file, the candidate is paid by the Société du Grand Paris an amount of 10,000€ excluding tax.


The analysis of the applications is based on:
+ Their completeness;
+ The professional, artistic and technical capabilities of the applicant.
Incomplete applications or without sufficient capabilities will not be admitted. Only the applications of professional artists applying in their own name are admissible. It is understood that the professional artists are the authors, creators and illustrators in the field of graphic arts (comics, illustration, graphic design, animation cinema, video games).

Selection criteria :
Criteria 1: Quality of the artist’s career
Weighing: 60%
+ 1.1. Relevance of the publications, editions, films, exhibitions, invitations to artistic residencies, etc.
Using: the CV, the artistic portfolio
Weighing : 30%
+ 1.2.Relevance of the artistic creations presented in the file in light of contemporary artistic languages in the field of illustration
Using: the artistic portfolio
Weighing : 30%
Criteria 2 : Ability of the applicant to understand the challenges linked to the
Weighing : 40%
+ 2.1. Consistency of the applicant’s artistic approach with what is expected as part of the commission (ability to illustrate on a large scale; ability to be understood by the public at large; narrative capabilities)
Using: the statement of intent, the artistic portfolio
Weighing : 15%
+ 2.2. Evaluation of the applicant’s motivation in the proposed creative process (one-week residency, meetings with the actors of the territory, ability to develop the artistic commission and integrate modifications)
Using: the statement of intent
Weighing : 10%
+ 2.3. Evaluation of the applicant’s ability to take into account the challenges specific to the environment of one or several Grand Paris Express train stations

+ The selected artists are announced : JANUARY/FEBRUARY 2022
+ Conception of the drafts and residencies : SPRING 2022 - AUTOMN 2022
+ Validation of the drafts, commission fo the final digital file : DECEMBER 2022
+ Development of the profects until the handing in of the final deliverable:
+ Opening of the stations : 2024 - 2026

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