CEVA – signing ceremony for a training program between CEVA and the veterinary faculty of Sher-e-Bangla University (22nd June 2016)

CEVA – signing ceremony for a training program between CEVA and the veterinary faculty of Sher-e-Bangla University (22nd June 2016)

Speech of The Ambassador, HE Sophie Aubert

Honorable Vice-Chancellor,
Dear guests,

It’s a matter of real satisfaction to be given the opportunity to say a few words on the occasion of the signing ceremony, between the French company and French research laboratory CEVA, the French national veterinary school on one side, and the veterinary faculty of Sher-e-Bangla and CEVA Bangladeshi business partner ACI on the other side.

We all know that the health of animals and human beings, but also the sustainability of our environment are closely linked.

When we say that our world is global, it means that the way one issue is addressed has necessarily an impact on other issues, in other fields.

To illustrate my purpose : sea level may rise because of the increase of the global temperature, and this increase of the global temperature is a direct consequence of human activity, because of our greenhouse gas emissions.

Sea level means less available land for animals and for human beings.
So the challenge is :
• How to make sure that, despite land shrinking, we will be able to feed our population,
• In a way that will preserve human beings from malnutrition, or under nutrition,
• But also unemployment, because half the Bangladeshi people work in agriculture,
• And therefore in a way that will preserve human beings from poverty, weak education and unhealthy environment.

That’s the reason why it is absolutely necessary to take care of our environment and of the animals living in it, if we want to take care of human beings.

Feeding a growing population, avoiding diseases from animals and birds origins, feeding in the right way the urban and not only rural populations are huge challenges.

Being in possession of the adequate vaccines and knowing, through training and practice, how to use them in the best way, is also part of the challenge.

CEVA has been working with Bangladesh for a very long time, now more than 20 years, to face all these challenges.

I highly appreciate the value of their initiative CEVA is launching, along with BAU, to train the Bangladesh students and specialists in order to improve their capacity to ensure animal healthcare in Bangladesh.

This French private initiative with Sher-e-Bangla University shows that awareness of the threats is now widely shared, in the business community as well as the veterinary community, in France as well as in Bangladesh.

I am sure that it will contribute to help Bangladesh shape a better environment and a better future for all the Bangladeshi citizens.

The French Embassy is proud to support this initiative./.

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