CALL FOR PROPOSALS : Third edition of the Paris Peace Forum (11-13 November 2020), "Special COVID-19: Bouncing back to a better world"


A call for projects was launched on March 12, 2020. Initially open until May 12, 2020, it was extended until June 24, 2020 due to the difficulty for organizations to apply on time given the current context.

It is organized around the 6 themes of the Forum (peace and security, development, environment, new technologies, inclusive economy, culture and education) and broadly covering the spectrum of sustainable development objectives.

The call for proposals will give priority to projects and initiatives from around the world aimed at improving our collective response to COVID-19. However, special attention will also be given to initiatives related to the following objectives:

• Build stronger security architectures

• Reconcile development finance and climate efforts

• Invent sustainable capitalism

• Protect the oceans

• Improve access to drinking water

• Make outer space safer and better regulated

• Secure cyberspace

• Regulate the use of data and artificial intelligence

• Advance the governance of education

• Ensure equality between men and women

The creators of a governance project, including States, are invited to submit their candidacy by June 24th 2020, in French or in English, electronically via the website:

Dernière modification : 09/12/2020

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