Bilateral visits

1 to 3 May 1978 Visit in Paris of Mr. Shamsul Huq, Bangladeshi Minister of Foreign Affairs
7 to 8 July 1979 Visit in Paris of Mr. Shah Aziz, Prime Minister of Bangladesh
17 March 1980 Mr. François Poncet talks with the Indian Minister of Foreign Affairs and his Bangladeshi counterpart (soviet intervention in Afghanistan)
20 August 1980 Visit in Paris of President M. Ziaur Rahman, signature of numerous co-operation agreements, including an agreement on the pacific use of nuclear energy
8 to 10 March 1987 Visit in Dhaka of Mr. Bariani, French State secretary of Foreign Affairs
11 to 13 September 1987 Visit in Dhaka of Mr. Guillaume, French minister of agriculture, to promote his “Marshall plan” for developing countries
13 September 1988 Visit in Dhaka of Mrs. Mitterrand, spouse of the President of the Republic, as part of the activities of the humanitarian foundation France-Libertés that she presides. In Bangladesh, she requested action from the international community to help the population after the last floods
2 to 5 November 1988 Visit in Paris of Mr. Ahmed, Prime minister of Bangladesh
20 November 1988 Arrival of Mr. Ershad, President of Bangladesh
27 to 31 January 1989 Visit in Dhaka of Mr. Kouchner, French State secretary for humanitarian action
22 to 24 March 1989 Visit in Paris of Mr. Ershad, President of Bangladesh
12 July 1989 On the fringes of the bicentenary revolution ceremonies, the French President Mitterrand talked with Mr. Ershad, his counterpart from Bangladesh
13 to 15 July 1989 With 32 head of States and government, the President of Bangladesh came to Paris to the bicentenary ceremonies of the Revolution
6 February 1990 Discussions in Paris between the French President Mr. Mitterrand and Mr. Ershad, President of Bangladesh, during a private visit in France
22 to 24 February 1990 Visit of the French President Mitterrand in Bangladesh, he announced that France will contribute around 140 million FF to an international program to control floods
5 to 6 May 1991 Visit in Dhaka of Mr. Kouchner, French State secretary for humanitarian action (after the 29th April cyclone)
16 to 22 October 1992 Visit in Paris of the Chief of Staff of the Bangladeshi Navy, Admiral Islam
30 November 1994 The Foreign Affair minister, Mr. Alain Juppé, receives Mrs. Talisma Nasreen and hands her the human rights prize
9 to 11 September 1996 Visit of Bangladeshi minister of Finance, S.A.M.S. Kibria – meeting of the Club de Paris aid group for Bangladesh
25 September 1998 Visit of French minister for Cooperation and “Francophonie”, Charles Josselin, discussed with the Foreign Affair minister of Bangladesh, Abdus Samad Azad
21 September 1999 In the fringes of the 54th Annual General Meeting of the United Nations, talks between the French Prime minister, Lionel Jospin, and the Prime Minister of Bangladesh
22 to 25 September 1999 Visit in Paris of the Bangladeshi Prime minister, Mrs. Sheikh Hasina
26 to 27 April 2003 Visit in Dhaka of the French secretary of State for Foreign Affairs, Renaud Muselier (1rst of visit at this level in 11 years)
30 July to 3 August 2003 Visit in Paris of Bangladeshi minister of Social welfare, Ali Ahsan Mohammad Mujahid
12 to 16 November 2003 Visit in Paris of Bangladeshi minister of Oversea trade, Amir Koshru Mahmud Chowdury (exhibition of Bangladeshi products organized by the Chamber of commerce and industry of Paris and the French embassy in Bangladesh); discussions with his counterpart, François Loos : evaluation of the results of the ministerial conference of the WTO in Cancun
11 to 13 December 2004 Visit to Bangladesh of the French minister for Oversea trade, François Loos: discussions with the Prime minister, Khaleda Zia, the Commerce minister, Altaf Hossain Chowdhury and the minister of Finance and Planning, Saifur Rahman
3 May 2005 Talks in Paris between the French minister of Oversea trade, François Loos and the Bangladeshi Commerce minister, Altaf Hossain Chowdhury
24 April 2006 Talks in Paris between the French Foreign Affairs minister, Philippe Douste-Blazy and his Bangladeshi counterpart, Morshed Khan
16 Dcember 2006 Talks in Paris with the President of the Republic, Mr. Jacques Chirac, and Prof. Dr Yunus, the Peace Nobel Laureated
11 to 13 September 2006 Visit in Paris on the occasion of Media Asian-Pacific Dialogue, of Barrister Md. Hyder Ali, State Secretary of Information
15 to 16 March 2007 Visit in Paris on the occasion of the conference on covering the risk disease, Mr. Matiur Rahman, Minister in charge of health of Interim Government
21 March 2007 Discussion in Paris between the Minister of Foreign Affairs, Mr. Philippe Douste-Blazy, and the Peace Nobel Laureated, Prof. Dr Yunus
28 to 29 April 2009 Visit in Bangladesh of Amiral Gérard VALIN, Commander of the French Joint Forces in the Indian Ocean
17 to 22 May 2009 Visit in Paris of Mr. Qamrul Islam, State Secretary of Justice (discussions with Mrs Rama Yade, French State Secretary of Human Rights)
19 to 21 June 2009 Visit of salon du Bourget by Mr. Ghulum Muhammed Quader, Minister of Civil Aviation (discussions with the French Managing Director of Civil Aviation)
29 October 2009 Visit to Bangladesh of Mr. Jean-Louis BORLOO, French Deputy Prime Minister and Minister for Ecology, Energy, Sustainable Development and Sea : discussion with Prime Minister, Mrs. Sheikh Hasina, Foreign Minister, Dr Dipu Moni, Food and Disaster Management Minister, Dr Abdur Razzak, and State Minister for Environment and Forest, Dr Hassan Mahmud
12 to 14 December 2009 Visit to Bogra and Dhaka of Mr. Martin HIRSCH, French High Commissioner for Active Inclusion against Poverty and for Youth (discussions with Professor Yunus and the Bangladeshi authorities)
21 June 2010 Visit to France of Ms Dipu Moni, Minister of Foreign Affairs: discussion with the French Minister of Foreign Affairs, Mr Bernard Kouchner
31 January to 5 February 2011 Visit to Dacca and Bogra of a delegation from the French Parliament, the group of friendship France-Bangladesh, led by Paul Giacobbi (discussion with Prime Minister, Mrs Sheikh Hasina)
31 March - 5 April 2011 Visit to Paris of a delegation of Bangladeshi businessmen lead by the Minister of Finances, Mr A.M.A. Muhith (meeting with Medef, discussion with the French minister of Finances, Ms Christine Lagarde and the Secretary of State for External Commerce, Mr Pierre Lellouche)
23 to 25 April 2011 Visit to Dacca of Mr Martin HIRSCH, French High Commissioner for Active Inclusion against Poverty and for Youth (discussions with Professor Yunus, Primer Minister Sheikh Hasina and other Bangladeshi ministers)
14 to 17 March 2012 Visit to Dacca of Ms Joëlle Garriaud-Maylam, Senator of the French overseas citizens (discussions with the Prime Ministre, Sheikh Hasina, the Minister for Women and Children Welfare, Dr Shirin Sharmin Chaudhury, visit of the NGO Friendship in Savar and celebrations of the Francophonie week at Alliance française de Dhaka)
15 to 19 February 2013 Visit to Dacca of MM. Philippe Fabry and Pascal Guizot, elected members for Asia of the Council for the French overseas citizens (meetings with the French community in Bangladesh, visit of the Frenc International School of Dhaka and of the Alliance française de Dhaka)
27 and 28 May 2013 Visit in Savar and Dacca of Mr François Zimeray, Ambassador-at-large for Human Rights, one month after the Savar tragedy (discussions with families of the victims and the Bangladeshi authorities and all the stakeholders contributing to the improvement of Labor Rights and conditions in Bangladesh)
26 and 27 June 2013 Visit to Paris of Ms Dipu Moni, Foreign Minister of Bangladesh (discussion with her counterpart, Mr Laurent Fabius, Deputy Minister for Development, Mr Pascal Canfin, and Minister for Foreign Trade, Ms Nicole Bricq)
23 June 2015 Laurent Fabius received his Bangladeshi counterpart, Abul Hassan Mahmood Ali. The two ministers discussed the commitment of our two countries against climate change, which particularly affects Bangladesh. France welcomes the mobilization of Bangladesh to the COP21 and to the conference "Paris Climate 2015" to make it a success.
21 September 2015 Visit to Dhaka of Mr. Laurent Fabius (Minister of Foreign Affairs and International Development), accompanied by his German counterpart Mr.Franck-Walter Steinmeier. Meetings took place with the Hon’ble Prime Minister and the Minister of Foreign Affairs on COP21
12 December 2017 Bilateral Visit of Bangladeshi Prime Minister, H.E. Sheikh Hasina to Paris, 2017 for "One Planet Summit"
09 December 2019 Visit to Dhaka of Mr. Frédéric Petit and Mr. Alain David, from French National Assembly
08 February 2020 Visit to Dhaka of Air Chief Marshal Philippe Lavigne, French Air Force Chief of Staff and his delegation. The other members of the delegation were - Group Captain Arnaud Bouilland, French CoAS Cabinet, Captain Livia Lannes, Military Assistant, Sergent Frédéric Casseron, Personal Security Officer
09 March 2020 Visit to Dhaka of Mrs. Florence Parly, Minister of French Armed Forces (had call on with Hon’ble Prime Minister Mrs. Sheikh Hasin, Hon’ble Foreign Minister Dr. AK ABdul Momen, and with the Principal Staff Officer, Armed Forces Division Lieutenant-General Md Mahfuzur Rahman

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