Bangladesh Brand Forum- Le Méridien, 04 February 2017

Speech of HE Sophie Aubert, Ambassador of France to Bangladesh

Dear guests, Dear All,

It’s a pleasure for me to be given the opportunity to say a few words on the 10th anniversary of Bangladesh Brand Forum.

You know better than I how important branding is, for the creation of value and identity.
Bangladesh being now on the verge of becoming a developing country is part of the global economy, but now it’s of utmost importance that all your efforts be dedicated to have Bangladesh recognized as a place of innovation and creation.

Creating a brand is the best way to protect this innovation, it is part of the intellectual
property, it is an approach of the economy which must be promoted, protected and valued. Bangladesh Brand Forum has helped a lot in developing this idea that a brand mindset is the best way to encourage and value the creation in Bangladesh. Today is the opportunity for me to underline that Bangladesh Brand Forum initiative has played an important role in creating here a new global environment, based on awareness and responsibility.

As said before, for me, brand is equal to intellectual property, and intellectual property means creation’ and innovation’s protection. Bangladesh is a creative country. You can be proud of it, and you should protect this asset for the future.

I am also very pleased to be here to congratulate all the women participating in the Women Leaders program, dedicated to award the Bangladeshi women who symbolize the new Bangladeshi generation of women leading their country.

My presence here is linked with the fact that I believe in the new generation of Bangladeshis for creating a new, dynamic and prosperous Bangladesh. I would like to congratulate and encourage you to keep the dynamics and continue to work in favor of diversity, tolerance and openness to the global world.

A special thank and congratulation to my friend the artist Preema, for her courageous
commitment to promoting the Bangladeshi culture and creation in and outside Bangladesh, but also for her courageous commitment in favor of the liberties, freedom of creating, free thinking, free speaking.

I believe that you are all the new generation that Bangladesh needs to save the country from adversity and shape your own future.

Thanks again to all, congratulation to all, and please stand up to create a vibrant Bangladesh./.

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