Appointments at the visa section [fr]


Due to an increase in the application number, the current waiting period to get an appointment with the visa section of this Embassy is 3 weeks. As it takes 1 week from the appllication date to process the visas, applicants are invited to take an appointment as soon as possible and to fix their plan accordingly.

As the Embassy of France issues biometric visas, the fingerprints must be collected. Each applicant should then apply in person after taking a mandatory appointment. There are two ways in taking an appointment, depending on the nature of the visa applied for.

  • For family reunification visas for spouses and children of Bangladeshi citizens settled in France, call one of the following numbers :
    • 0258813811
    • 0258813812
    • 0258813813
    • 0258813814
  • For all other types of visas (Schengen visas, student visas, spouse of French citizen, spouse of EU citizen…), send an email to, mentioning the following information :
    • Name of the applicant/s
    • Passport number/s
    • Purpose of the visit (tourism, business, study…)
    • Date of departure from Bangladesh
    • Date of the first entry in the Schengen space
    • Your travel plan (how many days you will stay in each country you will visit)

It takes seven days to proceed a Schengen visa, there is no possible exception.

Prior to making your appointment, you are strongly advised to check the necessary requirements by clicking here.

Dernière modification : 21/03/2016

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