Ambassador’s Speech - Global Education Expo 2020 - 29th February 2020

Dear students, dear guests,

It is a great pleasure to be with you this morning to talk about higher studies at Global Education Expo 2020. I want to thank Prominent Consultant for organizing this event, and I want to thank you all for being part of this unique gathering in Dhaka.Retour ligne automatique
Today we are here to share ideas on how higher education can support the best outcomes and experiences for people around the world. Let me tell you a bit about the French education system and what our country has to offer to international students.

France is one of the most popular study destinations in the world, with nearly 300,000 foreign students. The idea of a universal right to higher education has shaped our policies. The low fees of the French universities are proud markers of our egalitarian system. Universities are seen as contributing to the common good, they are financed by the community.

Adding to the low tuition fees which are certainly appealing, France also offers top education in every field and is becoming more and more attractive to students all around the world, with a wide choice of programs taught in English.

Last year, we have been able to connect more than 180 alumni members in our Bangladesh network. This number will keep growing as every year more and more Bangladeshi are interested in pursuing their higher studies in France, joining our scientific cooperation program or pursuing a professional training.

Our two partners Alliance Française Dhaka and Alliance Française Chittagong are major support hubs towards this goal. They are giving their best to share the proper information to the aspiring students, guiding them to select universities. I also take this opportunity to thank Prominent Consultant, which is handling the Campus France communication and helping our future students with the best advices on higher education in France.

We will keep working hard to help Bangladeshi willing to study in France and to find ways to prepare for the future, building resilience, adapting to the changing global environment, seizing new opportunities and making the most of young talents.

I wish you all a pleasant time at Global education expo 2020 !

Thank you

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Speech of H.E. Jean-Marin SCHUH, Ambassador of France to Bangladesh Global Edu Expo 2020
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