Ambassador’s Speech - Gala Night CCIFB - 7th December 2019

Chief Guest Mr. Gowher Rizvi, International Affairs adviser to the prime minister of Bangladesh

Hon’ble State Minister for Foreign Affairs of Bangladesh, Mr. Shahriar Alam

Mr. President, Dear Maruf,

Ladies and Gentlemen,

It is my privilege to take part for the first time in this annual gala dinner. I am indeed very grateful for your kind invitation to this event so important for the Franco-Bangladesh business community, and the attendance tonight shows how keen you are to get together on this friendly occasion.

Firstly, I would like to address my heartfelt thanks to the President, his team and the members of the Executive Committe for the energy and involvement in contributing to the strengthening of our bilateral relationship in the economic field, and beyond.

Complementary and coherent actions among ourselves is our mutual interest and a key to our success. Together with Business France, the French Development Agency and Proparco, the Embassy and its Economic Department are willing to play a central role in order to act for a better understanding between our two business communities. Our duty is also to provide opportunities for members and to meet their expectations through business and social networking.

France and Bangladesh have a friendly relationship and our business relationship has been strengthening over the years, as reflected by the number of members in this Chamber, which stands today around 200.

Bangladesh is an important country on the way of developing its economy and infrastructures. Bangladesh sits at the nexus of South and Southeast Asia, regions which promise to generate much of the world’s economic growth over the next decade. Economic forecasters regard Bangladesh as one of the potential emerging markets by 2030.

Our companies have a role to play in this challenge. They can transfer the technologies which are required to face the challenges of the future, among others, demography and climate disruption, and to create an economic and industrial sustainable environment.

French companies can add value to the emerging opportunities of Bangladesh. Supporting them to position themselves in the market is also one of my duty. I will not be successul without your help. You know much better than us French how to deal with the business environment of Bangladesh.

The contributions you have made to your country and our bilateral relationship demonstrate your commitment not only to your own commercial success, but also to the future of Bangladesh and the improvement of the communities you serve here.
Here in Bangladesh, I am looking forward to establishing a long lasting relationship with each of you. I know I can count on the strong support of your President and his team to go a step forward to reach these goals.

Now it is about time to thank all of you to be here tonight and to wish you a memorable evening.

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Ambassador’s Speech - Gala Night CCIFB 07 12 2019
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