Ambassador’s Speech - France Alumni Network Bangladesh - 29th September 2019

Speech of H.E Mr. Jean-Marin SCHUH, Ambassador of France in Bangladesh, On the Occasion of the gathering of France Alumni network in Bangladesh

Dear alumni’s, dear students, distinguished guests,

Good evening to all of you. It is a great pleasure to welcome you all at the Residence de France to celebrate the annual gathering of the France Alumni network in Bangladesh. I thank you all for being part of this celebration.

France Alumni has been created by Campus France, at the initiative of the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs, to promote a global platform designed to unite, inform and guide foreign students who studied in France. Every year, more than 100,000 international students graduate from the French education system. After graduating, France Alumni allows them to be part of a unique network and to value their stay in France in a professional context.

For its fourth year anniversary, I am happy to announce that we have been able to connect more than 180 alumni members in our Bangladesh network. This number will keep growing steadily has every year more and more Bangladeshi are interested in pursuing their higher studies in France, joining our scientific cooperation program or pursuing a professional training.

Everywhere in the world, the need for highly skilled people is increasing. In the period up to 2025, half of all jobs are projected to require high-level qualifications. Led by digital technologies, jobs are becoming more flexible and complex, while new fields of science are emerging. People’s capacities to think quickly and creatively, to share ideas and to be resilient are more crucial than ever. From Bachelor, to Masters, to PhDs, France offers top education in every field and is becoming more and more attractive to students all around the world.

The relationship between France and Bangladesh is a global one, covering several areas from economic development and public policy to security and international trade. However, one of these areas is essential and stands in the first line: higher education and research. The reason is obvious but must be recalled: it is through the latter that we can find ways to prepare for the future, building resilience, adapting to the changing global environment, seizing new opportunities and making the most of young talents.

Let’s come together to bring the best of each other. We will keep working hard to help Bangladeshi willing to study in France and to build strong ties between our two countries. France Alumni Bangladesh is to represent this educational and cultural link between France and Bangladesh.

Our two partners Alliance Française Dhaka and Alliance Française Chittagong are major support hubs towards this goal. Both of the two AF directors and our cultural section at the embassy are putting giving their best to share the proper information to the aspiring students, guiding them to select universities, application process, preparing their travels and so on. I also take this opportunity to introduce our new partner, Prominent Consultant, which will now handle the Campus France communication and will help our future students with the best advices on higher education in France.

I thank you all in for being part of the France Bangladesh Alumni, for being part of the Bangladesh – France bilateral relation. I am very happy to have you all at the residence de France because you are an important element of the relationship between Bangladesh and France. It’s through you that our two countries interact, that our two people grow closer. Thanks for choosing France as your study destination; it is an honor to welcome Bangladeshi students. I wish you all the success in your every endeavor and I look forward for building an even stronger link between our two countries as a newly arrived ambassador of France in Bangladesh.

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Speech of the Ambassador of France in Bangladesh for France Alumni Network
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