Alumni : interview of Ms Marufa Ishaque, NI, Goa

I am Marufa Ishaque, doing my MS in Dhaka University Oceanography Department. Currently I am working on my dissertation titled, "Seasonal Circulation in the Northern Bay of Bengal". I am using satellite data to understand the seasonal current pattern of Northern Bay of Bengal which is largely unexplored. I am very hopeful that my study will add new knowledge and would encourage more research to explore further.


" I felt a strong desire of knowing that unknowns"

First of all, I would like to thank the French Embassy for the fellowship. It has opened up before me a new way of understanding and opportunity.

The days that I have spent in NIO were not like the days I usually spend. When I started my days with NIO, I could realize that the process of understanding oceanography from global perspective has begun. As soon as I was discovering the researchers around me, I was becoming more and more surprised seeing how intensely people can do research. They were not bothering about office time, neglecting weekends, dedicating them just to know the unknowns and at the same time helping others. I am greatly encouraged by the works and words of my supervisor, Dr. S. Prasanna Kumar. He guided my work in a best way that a person can. So, I have learnt different oceanographic computations, theories, practical experiences through beach profiling and beach study of North Goa beaches and many more.

Also, I had discussion with French researchers. Among them, I talked to Matthieu Lengaigne, Fabrice Papa and Jerome Vialard. I have found them very helpful and they gave valuable inputs to my study. Moreover, I am lucky enough that I could participate in the International Symposium on the Indian Ocean, Golden Jubilee of CSIR-NIO and 50th Anniversary of completion of IIOE. I met and introduced with the scientists who came from nearly all over the world. That was really a great time which helped me to get the real flavor of global oceanography. Apart from academic achievements, the real life achieves are not less. Sipping the morning tea, I used to stare at the Arabian Sea. But soon I found, morning look of sea is not enough. So, I went to see the beauty of ocean in a moonlit night. That was mind blowing. I was standing on the beach and thinking that just beside me an unknown world is waiting with all its creatures that I don’t know.

I felt a strong desire of knowing that unknowns.

Besides beaches, I enjoyed the food, the culture, the roads, the people everything. Even I enjoyed the loud music and crowd of local bus, the walking of curious tourists with map, the attractive bright light of casino, film festival, literature festival, busy movement in Panjim, the sound of prayers from Churches and the list is too big to continue. All these experiences have added new spices in my life. While coming back I was thinking, there are lot more things that are still undiscovered in NIO and in Goa.

Probably that is why I am feeling incomplete and missing the place and the people. I realize again, world, itself is an educational institution. After internship, I am now trying to utilize my learning. Also, among others, I am trying to spread the knowledge that I have gained from NIO. In future I want to be a knowledgeable person and an expert in physical oceanography, so that I could contribute in the development of my country, the world and the people.

I am very hopeful that in future the French Embassy would always stand by the side of young minds to enlighten them and to broaden their world of thoughts.

Once again, thank you very much for your support.

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