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The Children of Bangladesh- Help Them Walk


¨Positive Views on Disability, Save The Children from Childhood Disability¨

Holding this vision, SARPV-Social Assistance and Rehabilitation for the Physically Vulnerable, presents itself as the support system of disable children to fight against their childhood disability. Children are the most vulnerable to any kind of disease and disaster and the figure in case of Bangladesh is quite large. Therefore, SARPV strives to support people with a disability in response to natural disasters as well as everyday life.

JPEG Social Assistance and Rehabilitation for the Physically Vulnerable (SARPV) was established in 1988 by Shahidul Haque, a physically challenged person intent on changing the public perception of people with a disability in Bangladesh. SARPV is one of the first organizations that offered targeted support to people with a disability following natural disasters in Bangladesh. The organization provided immediate relief to beneficiaries, their families and communities after notable disasters in 1989, 1991, 1997 and most recently after flash flooding in southeast Bangladesh in July 2012. Now, SARPV provides many levels of support to people with a disability in response to disasters as well as in everyday life. The organization works for advocating in favor of equal rights and social inclusion for people with a disability in Bangladesh, particularly the underprivileged. It provides medical treatment, primary education, vocational training, emergency financial aid and community support to our beneficiaries, their families and communities to encourage social acceptance, empowerment and independence of people with a disability.

It is a Non-Profit Organization and patronage by partner organizations, where patrons from France extend their support through different local stake holders. Aide Médicale & Développement (AMD) and Kiné Du Monde (KDM) (World Physiotherapists) and SARPV, is fighting to help disabled children in Bangladesh in the area of Chakaria. Each year, a team of doctors, surgeons, nurses, physiotherapists and orthoprosthetists take part in a mission in Bangladesh. Most of these professional healthcare workers come from hospitals in Gap, Grenoble or Lyon.


After an initial phase of building, equipping and training, they are able to start caring for patients. Their local Bengali team is now able to independently take care of most difficult cases during their annual trip. The solidarity fund of SARPV is essential if they are to be able to treat each child. A research programme has also allowed the organization to better understand the mysterious epidemic of rickets that has hit this area. SARPV has also organized a local prevention and early screening network for the children, in particular for rickets and club-foot.

Shahidul Haque
Chief Executive
Social Assistance and Rehabilitation for the Physically Vulnerable (SARPV)
House-589, Road-11,
Adabor, Baitul Aman Housing Society
Dhaka-1207, Bangladesh

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