A Bangladeshi photographer won an international photo contest "Climate : State of Emergency".

105 French Alliances from 43 different countries participated in this edition. The Paris jury which met on 22 June 2015, was pleased to select the best 44 photographs, which will be constitute a group exhibition at the Cité Internationale des Arts in Paris (from 12 to 27 November 2015).


The Paris jury consisted of: Yann Arthus Bertrand (contest sponsor), Philippe Rochot (President of the competition), Luc Briand (Head of International Mail Service iconographic), Agnes Gregory (editor of Photo magazine), Jean-Claude Jacq (Secretary General of the French Alliance Foundation) Jean-Yves Langlais (Director General of the International City of Arts), Anne of Roussière (Director of Gallery Arcturus)

Note from the sponsor of the jury, Yann Arthus Bertrand: "As time goes by my pleasure to watch the world has not dulled. I am constantly renewing contact with a rapidly changing planet and its people - it is always different. It is always amazing to look at the world through the eyes -lenses- of other photographers and it is somehow a double pleasure. The exchange with the members of a jury, enrich and even differentiate disagreements - it is a dialogue with the planet that continues. That is why I was delighted to be part of the jury of the international competition of the French Alliance Foundation. The team did a great job, and great quality was displsyed by the final winner Yusuf. He offers strong and simultaneously beautiful photos of a major tragedy - an environmental and human drama. The rising sea levels and the threat it poses to the tens of millions people of Bangladesh. In short, a big thank you to the organizer, but also a big congratulations to them, to all participants, and of course, in particular, to the winner of the edition of this year. "

Message from the President of the jury, Philippe Rochot: "What a pleasure to judge hundreds of images from around the world, often taken with difficulty, hesitation, but always with passion, sincerity and imagination. They were meant to share with us one of the major problems of our time, the warming of our planet. Those who collaborated in this work showed us their sensitivity to this vital subject. What joy to be able to present this award to Yusuf Ahmed, a young Bangladeshi of 32, which by the quality of his photos was able to remember that his country was in the front line of climate change


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