2014 Bangladesh Francophonie Week

From 13 - 22 March 2014, the seven Francophone diplomatic missions in Bangladesh, together with the Alliances françaises, are offering a rich program of activities in Dhaka and Chittagong.


The 2014 Bangladesh Francophonie Week / Semaine de la Francophonie au Bangladesh 2014, aims at celebrating the French language and the cultural diversity of the Francophone community, while promoting the shared values of “La Francophonie”: respect for the rule of law and human rights, gender equality, solidarity, and cultural diversity.

Program Overview

Thursday 13 March


Nadia lived in the Kabylia region of Algeria until she was 19, and she has been living in Montreal since 1989, where she has been involved in various facets of public affairs radio broadcasting. She recently made her filmmaking début as co-director of Nadia’s Journey, and is working on a second documentary on the culture shock sometimes experienced by Montrealers of Arab origin.

5:30 PM @ Auditorium - Alliance française de Dhaka, Dhanmondi

Friday 14 March


French courses are offered every thirty minutes to discover what a French language course is like (upon registration).

10 AM - 12 PM and 4 PM - 6 PM @ Alliance française de Chittagong


18 to 25-year old finalists from Dhaka and Chittagong debate on the topic: "The rise of intolerance, violence and discriminations. Human rights in the digital era". The winner will be offered a 11-day stay in France in July 2014, to continue reflecting on major contemporary issues with other French-speaking young people from around the world.

4 PM @ Auditorium - Alliance française de Dhaka, Dhanmondi

Saturday 15 March to Thursday 20 March


See details below

Tuesday 18 March


A union of words and graphic arts on wall will be celebrated by literature and art students together with renowned artists such as sculptor Alak Roy and poet Hasnat Shoyeb, who will create an artwork of free expression from different materials. In parallel, Mr. Roy will talk about his residence at the Cité Internationale des Arts, Paris, in 2013. In partnership with the Chittagong Institute of Fine Arts

6 PM @ Auditorium - Alliance française de Chittagong

Saturday 22 March


French musician and member of Calcutta-based jazz band Los Amigos Emmanuel Simon will perform with his four partners, including the renowned leader of the group, Monojit Datta, for a concert of “fusion” music, blending classical Hindu rhythms and Latin pop, that made them famous in many festivals around the world.

8 PM @ Concert Hall - Chittagong Club

Film Screenings

Nadia’s Journey

Carmen Garcia & Nadia Zouaoui, Algeria/Canada, 2006, 72 min | Arabic, English and French, with English subtitles

As a young woman, Nadia Zouaoui vowed that her suffering would not be in vain. When she was 19, her parents forced her into an arranged marriage with an Algerian man twice her age living in Montreal. Years later, she returns to Kabylia, Algeria, to see if things are any different. This documentary of her journey provides a gripping experience for men and women, young and old alike.

  • Alliance Française de Dhaka: 13 March @ 5:30 PM and 20 March @ 5:30 PM
3 short films about Viet Nam

Vietnamese, with English subtitles

Sound of Violin in My Lai (Le son de My Lai) - Ho Tri Pho, Viet Nam, 1998, 30 min | Back to Ngu Thuy (Retour à Ngu Thuy) - Le Manh Thich & Khanh Toan, Viet Nam, 1999, 29 min | Homeland (De la campagne à la ville) - Sy Chung, Viet Nam, 2001, 18 min

Films about: the return of a group of US veterans to Quang Ngai province, 30 years after the war; a group of women who had, 30 years earlier, set a US warship on fire; those who have left their countryside homeland and manage, in noisy and crowded cities, to preserve their native customs.

  • Alliance Française de Dhaka: 16 March @ 5:30 PM and 19 March @ 7 PM
  • Alliance Française de Chittagong: 19 March @ 7 PM
Kirikou et la sorcière (Kirikou and the sorceress)

Michel Ocelot, France, 1998, 70 min | French, with English subtitles

Tiny Kirikou is born into an African village upon which a sorceress called Karaba has cast a terrible spell. His adventure-filled journey leads Kirikou to the Forbidden Mountain, where the Wise Man of the Mountain, who knows of Karaba and her secrets, awaits him.

  • Alliance Française de Dhaka: 17 March @ 5:30 PM and 18 March @ 7 PM
  • Alliance Française de Chittagong: 15 March @ 6 PM
Kirikou et les bêtes sauvages (Kirikou and the wild beasts)

Michel Ocelot, France, 2005, 75 min | French, with English subtitles

Kirikou’s Grandfather says that the story of Kirikou and The Sorceress was too short, and proceeds to tell more about Kirikou’s accomplishments, and how tiny Kirikou became a gardener, a detective, a maker of pottery, a merchant, a traveler and a doctor.

  • Alliance Française de Dhaka: 17 March @ 7 PM and 18 March @ 5:30 PM
  • Alliance Française de Chittagong: 15 March @ 7:30 PM
Les contes de la nuit (Tales of the night)

Michel Ocelot, France, 2011, 84 min | French, with English subtitles

Every night, a girl, a boy and an old technician gather in a small movie theater that seems abandoned but is full of wonders. The three friends invent, draw and dress up to play in a magical night where everything is possible: wizards and fairies, powerful kings and stable boys, werewolves and ruthless ladies, cathedrals and huts, golden towns and deep forests.

  • Alliance Française de Dhaka: 16 March @ 7 PM and 19 March @ 5:30 PM
  • Alliance Française de Chittagong: 16 March @ 7 PM
Le printemps de Mélie (Molly in springtime)

Pierre-Luc Granjon, Canada, 2009, 27 min | French

In springtime, Molly Gingerbread is crowned Queen of the Flower Festival and chooses Leon as her King. But the scoundrel Bonifacio is scheming to be the king himself. After stealing a magic apple, he poisons the town’s water - until Molly and her trusty friend find the antidote.

  • Alliance Française de Dhaka: 17, 18 and 19 March @ 5 PM
Opération Casablanca

Laurent Nègre, Switzerland/Canada/France, 2010, 90 min | French, with English subtitles

One day, Saadi finally snaps. His boss has mistreated him one time too many. But when the young dishwasher, a North African illegal immigrant, dares to protest, he is summarily fired. Leaving the rundown hotel in the outskirts of Geneva, on foot and with all his belongings in a shoulder bag, he becomes entangled in a terrorist group’s attempt to kidnap the United Nations Secretary General.

  • Alliance Française de Dhaka: 20 March @ 7 PM
  • Alliance Française de Chittagong: 20 March @ 7 PM
I, Nuligak: An Inuvialuit History of First Contact

Tom Radford , Peter Raymont & Patrick Reed, Canada, 2005, 70 min | Innu, with English subtitles

The fascinating account of Nuligak, who grew up in the Inuvialuit community of the western Canadian Arctic, in the Yukon, and witnessed the first arrival of the white settlers who came to hunt the bowhead whale and the devastating effects of so-called civilization.

  • Alliance Française de Chittagong: 17 March @ 7 PM

Other activities

Visit the “Tell me 10 words” exhibition

Throughout the Francophonie Week, an exhibition of cartoons illustrating 10 innovative French words will be displayed at the Alliances françaises in Dhaka and Chittagong. Come discover the meaning of “ambiancer”, “s’enlivrer”, and more!

Francophone children in Dhaka and Chittagong are also taking part in the celebrations!
  • On March 15, at Alliance française de Chittagong, primary school students will play with the French language around the exhibition "Tell Me 10 Words ", and be presented the shared values of the Francophonie.
  • On March 20, at the Ecole Française Internationale de Dacca (EFID), students will create paintings with French, English and Bangla text, illustrating 10 words chosen to describe the school.
  • On March 20, at the Canadian Trillinum School (CTS), students will set up booths displaying information about the geography, demographics, and culture of Canada, Egypt, France, Morocco, Qatar, Switzerland and Vietnam, and prepare a world map of Francophone countries.

About the Francophonie Week

French is spoken by 220 million of individuals worldwide, and it is the official language of 32 countries. Every year, on 20 March, the International Francophonie Day, the French language and the values of solidarity and cultural dialogue promoted by Francophone countries are celebrated throughout the world, and especially in the 77 member countries of the International Organization of "La Francophonie".

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